INVITATION #3: Write with Roy & Dee Kay !!!

Dear Reader,

In order to express their gratitude and love for this community, Roy & Dee Kay invite you to write with them.

Please write your lines in the comment section (as per the instructions given below).

The poems would be compiled and featured with your name and your blog link on this website. 

Use the following words in making a FOUR LINE EMOTIONAL POEM:
Note: Each word must be on a separate line…





Here is our contribution.

The dim rays of the upcoming twilight
Rushes your memories in me like streaks of light.
Baby! I do miss you to never-ending lengths of infinity
whilst you live in every sane moment of my insanity

Let’s grow this world of creativity with our words.
Happy Writing !!!


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44 thoughts on “INVITATION #3: Write with Roy & Dee Kay !!!

  1. Thinking about you makes everything better,
    The picture of your smile reduces my insanity,
    The happy memories we created covers the agony,
    The pain of not being in your presence makes delusional,
    I hope I will see you soon my love 😍.

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  2. And now, in the shadowy twilight

    Haunted by memories of better times

    I come to Love that helps me see

    Awaiting my final moment


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    1. Oh, got that wrong. Corrected version here:

      And now, in the shadowy twilight

      Haunted by memories of better times

      I come to You Who helps me see

      Awaiting my final moment

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        1. Thankyou so mych. And thankyou for giving us all this oppirtunity to connect with one another. I have just made one lovely new friend this morning. It has made my day. Deep bows

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          1. It warms my heart to see that we could connect with one another…and the beautiful words indeed helps us communicate. The emotions make our soul bare to everyone and that is when you can see inside one’s heart. Thanks dear for sharing it with us…


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  3. At the sacred juncture of twilight
    I see You, Oh Master of my heart
    As the setting sun, holding memories
    Embracing infinity, this very moment

    Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂 Enjoyed dipping into the sunset with the Lord of my heart! 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to write. So my lines are as follows-

    I have you with me,
    All the time, in every moment,
    In form of beautiful memories,
    Like the twilight at the nightfall.

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  5. Ah! Here you are giving us so many opportunities. Thank you so much. That is indeed amazing. Here is mine:

    In the twilight we sat, speaking through eyes relentlessly
    Refreshing our golden memories along each exalted smile
    You are the bliss to my life we said to one another
    That is another precious moment we will always rejoice

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