Happy B’day to The Floating Thoughts !!!


My Dear Readers,

Two years ago a blog was born from the heart of an aching person as he wandered around in the darkness for the search of light. He found his words becoming his strength. He wrote for himself but it struck the chords of many hearts. Yet he and his world were confined to the shadows for almost more than a year.

The issue was that his power of words was not visible to the larger audience. It was then that he found another broken soul midst the crowd of millions. He reached out to him and soon a friendship was born. 

Two guys however broken inside yet completely perfect outside stood side by side with a common goal in their mind. It took them just 5 months to grow their audience from a mere 7 to a powerful 1,000.

This is the story of this website. 
A story of pain, emotions, and creativity. 
A story to inspire, motivate, and lend a helping hand. 
A story of a blog, to a website, and finally a family. 
A story that started with 1 guy, then 2 and now a team of 7 wonderful people. 

We thank each and every one of our followers and our readers who have sincerely supported us in our passion…in our crusade to spread the love through the words.

On this special occasion, we would like our followers and our readers to share the stories of their blogs/website with us. Every story will be published in a new post with due credits(Name and Blog Name) as a token of love from our side.

We know this is insignificant in front of the magnanimous affection shown by this WordPress family, but still, we wish to acknowledge every person associated with us in our journey.

Come Share ur Story in the Comments !!!


Roy & Dee Kay



If you wish to share your stories, please submit your articles here
or mail us at dfloatingthoughts@gmail.com


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45 thoughts on “Happy B’day to The Floating Thoughts !!!

  1. Congratulations and thank you for sticking with what you started, sharing all the time and helping others grow as well. The blogging community is a really special place to hang out, there are so many great stories and people in it.

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          1. Well, my blog was a huge leap of faith for me. I am usually a complete technophobe and rather afraid of computers and technology. I love writing and one of the things that I wanted to do was share my stories and poems with others, to seek feedback so I can learn and grow. I found a link to wordpress from an online writing competition I entered. I thought I would start recording my old poems and stories and see what people thought. What I didn’t expect was how supportive and encouraging the blogging community is. I started taking inspiration from the daily post word prompt and suggestions from fellow bloggers and now I write something new everyday. I never did that before. I have so much more confidence in my work too since blogging. The Floating thoughts has been a part of that too, with their collaborative poems and the general positive feedback. It has been a wonderful journey and I just wish I had set out on this path ten years ago. Thank you. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday to One Amazing Blogging Web, which I was Lucky enough to Find! All the Thoughts, All the Words, All the Posts were immensely meaningful, it wonderfully carried Morals, Lessons, Experiences, Feelings, Pain, Love, Joy, Everything! This is a Website which Never Fails to Amaze me. It Never Fails to Pull me. It Never Fails to Excite me. Why? It takes along so much Reality which is Perfectly Passed On. Success is never Easy – You Succeeded! It explains how much Effort, Love, Nights, Days you used. Without love for the followers, it is not Possible to Post for them. You did! You Struggled for Us! Congratulations on this Success of a Beautiful 2 years. It is my pleasure and delight to be a part of it!

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    1. Dear Pen,
      Thank you so much for the love and support you have been generously showering on us. We are touched by your words and gesture.
      Only a person who love blogging can understand this and we are pretty sure you’re one of the many. The journey of 1000 words started with just one and years later we can proudly say that we have been lucky enough to get the love and respect of our fellow bloggers.

      We thank you for everything especially this comment which made our sleepless nights and hard work worth it all.

      Much love 💞
      Dee Kay & Roy

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