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Book : The Coin
Author : Sandeep Sharma.
Publisher: Redgrab Books & Anybook
Publication date: 25 Apr 2018
Book length : 164 pages.
Value of money : Rs. 99 for Paperback & Rs. 49 for Kindle.

Cover : The cover shows a coin which is soaked in blood.

Title : The title justifies the story line along with the sub title.


Blurb is promising. Perfect insights that would create an urge in the readers mind to know what’s in the store for them.

Review : The book is a science fiction along with the thriller.
It’s mysterious crime thriller & unpredictable and the best part is till the end you won’t be able to guess what is actually going to happen in the end.
This book is about a criminal, who randomly picks up people , tells them a story & kills them. He makes up a video tape recording so that the COP, Raunak finds him out. He feels as if there is some Connection to these killings. He is trying to bring up a link between the previous case he solved & this case. If the killer of the previous case in the jail , thenn who is following his footsteps ? Whoever he is why does he wants Raunak to be safe ?
Whats the story behind a burned coin , which Raunak keeps in his pocket, what does it signify ?
Who all must be thinking that I said it’s a science fiction , I am just narrating about crime thriller, but author has given a science touch to the story. Can you see your past ?
No right , you can only hear about them from someone while they narrate you, but here you can Viet your past & the things.
Yes it’s possible , it’s About Dream Stimulator.
I cannot reveal the entire plot, so please grab the book.

Narration & language :
Writing style & narration is simple, language used is simple.

Some quotes from the book :

“The future is depressing, present is full of hopes, and hope requires hard work”

Appreciation :
This would book would actually be a thrilling experience with a touch of Science. The best part about the book is the Length, it can be completed in a single seating.
Characterization is minimal so that it won’t confuse the reader.

Letdowns :
There are no spelling error, but use of tense & skipping of words are found on some places.

Verdict :
Overall I loved reading this book & j would strongly recommend it to all the book lover & I am sure that the book will not disappoint you at all.

Ratings :
Cover : 4/5
Title : 4/5
Blurb : 4/5
Narration & Language : 4/5
Value of money :4/4
Overall ratings : 4/5

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