“We are nothing but what our choices make us”
– Roy

The first time I learned about the word STRESS was in my school days when the PHYSICS subject was introduced to me. The famous stress-strain curve is still vividly etched in my memories from those classes. My physics teacher was quite determined to make me remember the fact that how stress increases proportionately with the amount of strain till a point beyond which with further strain there is a peak of stress, and finally with continued strain the material ends up in a mode of failure or rupture.

I didn’t know then how engraved is this word metaphorically in each and every one of us. Now, when I recall the theory and that graph, I could relate it more to our lives. We take a lot of strain in our lives in different forms – strains to be the best in our class, to be the most loved and admired person among our peers, to get stellar ratings and timely promotion at work, to impress the girl/guy we love, to achieve our goals as soon as possible, to win our quarrels and fight, to defeat our opponents, to win every arguments, to buy the most luxurious cars, to get the most beautiful partner and what not. The list keeps on growing to infinity.

All these strains give us intangible stress – stress that increases proportionately to our desires and our actions. At first, these are just the drive to secure and realize our needs. Then they turn into frustrations, which are showered upon our family, friends, and colleagues generating further strain in us. This strain makes us depressed because of the failures in fulfilling our wants of career, relationship, and dreams. The stress induced from the aforementioned reasons of strain reaches a plateau wherein we remain sad and lonely all the time. The spark of our materialistic dreams and goals gets replaced by the dim lit depression.

Well, we all know that there are uncertain strains that eventually would be faced by everyone – strains of unavoidable accidents, of health issues and of loss of beloved. So, why to allow unnecessary stresses from the non essential strains ; why to focus on materialistic things by joining in the rat race; why to hate people when the time available for us to love is very less; why to whine about our life when it is always going to be uncertain; why not to strike-through the things that are not so important; why not to draw away our focus from things that makes us sad momentarily; why not to just smile and say “I don’t want the avoidable stresses in my life”.

Dear friend, in hour of pain, we will be submerged under inescapable stress. No matter how strong we try to show ourselves, we will be heartbroken when our loved ones will pass away. We will grieve when the inevitable accidents will scar us or people close to us. These are the stresses which can only be overcome by the warmth and love among family and friends.

So, chalk out the things that matters most in your life and eliminate the unwanted strains that can cause stresses. We are just a blink in the billion years old universe. So make every millisecond worth by your choice.
Is your choice is to be happy or to be sad?
Is your choice is to run after materialistic goals or to walk with you family beside u?
Is your choice is to submit to depression or to defeat it valiantly?

I leave the answers to you !

Stay Strong and Stay Blessed
We are all in this struggle together…


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