Message #3 : Be your perfect imperfection

Message is a new segment of the blog where we talk about failures, depression, imperfections, and the journey of survival. This segment is close to our hearts as we showcase our experiences to motivate and help those who need a hand.

“It’s better to be a hero for the unknown than being your own demon. “

– Dee Kay

I always wanted to be someone I wasn’t, just because I thought being that person would make me feel happy. I use to run away from my flaws because I was too insecure of seeing some flawless characters, either in novels or movies. I was a kid who never had a plan but knew what his destination should be.


From running away from my flaws to accepting my flawless imperfections, I became the man I deserve to be rather than wanted to be. My insecurities became the source of inspiration for my writing. My imperfections made me realize that I am nobody to judge others. The only person who I have the capacity to judge is the same guy I saw in the mirror.

As a kid I never had plans and as a grown up I always had plans. The only similarity was that both of my ways never really worked for me. I never really learned to listen to what made my soul happy and excited. I was running behind the dream which was sold to me by my school, by this society and unknowingly by my parents. I kept on falling over and over again as every time I failed in something a part of my soul was taken away from me.

I was an constant reminder of what happens to a person who doesn’t know himself. The pressure to succeed was so immense that I cut myself from everyone I ever knew. Every time someone laughed I thought I was the butt of everyone’s jokes. The insecurities started taking grip over me as I became the prisoner of my own hopes.

That’s LIFE !!

No matter what you do it will always find a way to make you fall one way or the other. That’s it’s job as life.
Your job is simple. Fall and get up again no matter how many times you have to repeat the same shitty process.

Your insecurities.
Your failures.
Your imperfections.
Will all prey on your soul, self confidence and ultimately your happiness.
What can you do about it ?

Seek the advice of the person who knows your life and has walked in your shoes. Ask me who that person is…



Stay blessed.
Keep spreading love.
Go write your flawlessly imperfect story.


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  1. This touched me on so many levels. It’s an easy fix, the road to internalize it is long. Once you try, and I get that it’s a continual trying, not a race you win, there’s this zen like Yoda feeling waiting as a reward….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Sheetal.. I’m glad that this message was able to evoke so many emotions..
      I agree that the journey for inner peace is long and many a times tiresome but it’s worth it in the end..
      This reminds me of a quote,
      “Never compare yourself with others. There is no comparison between sun and moon. They shine when it’s their time”

      Warm regards
      Dee Kay


  2. I really loved reading this. It happens with almost every human being. We run away from our flaws or we can say we try to run away. But, it never happens. Recognizing our flaws is the first step, though its not that difficult. But accepting the way that is, is a real task.
    The day we accept our flaws, we start understanding ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    • That’s true. The first step for inner peace is acceptance. Once, we accept the way we are and respect our flaws we tend to start a journey that will change our world.. The worst part is that most of us often try to get the social acceptance rather than self acceptance..

      And thank you so much for your time and this wonderful words. Glad to meet people who have the same mindset.

      Stay blessed
      Dee Kay

      Liked by 1 person

      • True when u say we tend to get social acceptance. This is what I have been doing for so long. But, now I have realised how wrong I was.
        Never mind. It’s still not too late. I am happy I am moving forward.
        Thanks dee kay


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