A tribute to all Mum, Mom, Mother, Maa….. By Dee Kay & Roy

When a child is born we often refer to that moment as the miracle of life as in that moment two lives come to existence. The first is of course the newborn while the other is the woman who now turned into a MOTHER.

This is a small poem in tribute to all the wonderful and fabulous Mom, Mum, Mummy, Mother, Maa around the world. We at The Floating Thoughts wish you a Happy Mother’s Day because YOU DESERVE TO BE CELEBRATED.

Someone once asked if I believed in the God I haven’t seen,

I just smiled and said “I believe in god as she was with we wherever I have been”.

The guy looked confused as he didn’t understand,

I said, I have seen God walk on this very land.

Before he could say anything else I told him its my mom,

he looked astonished as if I sang the wrong lyrics of his fav song.

So I elaborated on my point as I began to explain,

Believing in an invisible power sounds insane.

When I can see the same qualities of god in one person,

God created this world same as mom created her son.

They both love their creation till the end of time,

but mom’s love is what I can truly call mine.

God still punished it’s creation as told by many holy books,

But a mother would love her kids no matter what it took.

She bore me for 9 months with utmost care and loved me without a doubt,

she even loved me when I was angry and even when I’d shout.

How can someone be so selfless in this selfish world that surrounds,

comforting you when you’re sad and pulling you back up when you were down.

Its hard to believe in invisible power when I have seen the true love that exists,

If god was real then it has to be a mother as her love surrounds us all like an invisible mist.

One day I know she will me alone and go back to meet the lord,

that day even the lord will bow down to see the real god.

So don’t wait to know the importance of your mum,

go and show her your love instead sitting here and being numb.

I wish no one has to see their mother go away from them,

The thought of not seeing her beautiful face again makes me numb.

Lets take a time out to appreciate the selfless love of our mother where ever we are now,

Call, text or give her a hug and take a vow.

The vow to make her smile everyday,

Sometimes its better to express the love this way.

I’m just a poet trying to give feelings to the words coming to my mind,

A mother is a person who would love you like no other person you ever find.

By Dee Kay & Roy


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13 replies »

  1. Once more, you did not fail to amaze us…
    Our Birthday is the day we were born…. But that very day is a re-birth to our mothers. That pain, that giddiness, that throw-ups…. Just to bear us within. How much they have done for us and still do… Amma, I love you ma ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is amazing! Truly beautiful!
    I am not much of an Ed Sheeran fan, but this reminds of the lyrics of one of my favourite songs by him:
    “And when God takes you back, he’ll say ‘Hallelujah! You’re home’.”

    Liked by 2 people

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