Guest Post : Love that Never was By Neha

Love that Never was

By Neha

Wherever I were, in Highland or suburb

Whether day or night, dawn or twilight

Your thoughts and words, in my heart were preserved

I stood through the darkness, believing in me your presence

I craved to share, knowing you’d care

Felt like flouting the norms, you’d grab me in your arms

Times we’d be together, in pleasant and stormy weather

One day our love would be so strong, till eternity it will long…


In a couple of days, I realized my life’s big mistakes,

You proved me wrong, the feelings and the songs

I want the thoughts to perish, of the times with you I cherish

You an illusion, left my heart in confusion

How could I be so certain, when you were lying again and again?

I wasn’t lying, you never saw me crying

All reasons I have to hate you, but I’m different unlike you

Once again did this girl, just began loving the world

Flying in skies above, smacked to the ground that was rough

I am so delicate, how did I forget?

So easily, let you play me

But I’m not left broken-hearted, neither faith departed,

Could happen thought I never, now you have lost me… FOREVER

By Neha


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  1. Interesting aspect on wrong choices. There is some repetition and some minor mistakes that make bumps in the poem, like inconsistent rhyme syllables and length of words that bring in the dynamic, but ruffle the style. Maybe it can be tuned with some better wording, or division of short stanza and longer stanza. In that way, the poem can save the energy for the final punchline and create a blast at the end, like a moral of the poem or something similar.

    I did liked it. It is a unique expression and a good idea of presenting a story like that through the poem. I sense the essence of the poem, and that is the most important part of it.


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