Feedback, PLEASE!!

Time to give us your honest and valuable feedback.

It’s been quite a time since we started this website and we have been honored by your constant love and support. We have tried our best to give our readers everything from short stories to poetry, from snapshots to travelogues, and mix more.

We now want you to take the platform to tell us what you think about the website. In your comment please let us know what you love about the website, the segment that you want to read more from, and any advice that you have for us.

We would appreciate your honest opinion.

Much love,
The Floating Thoughts Team.


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  1. Thanks so much The Floating Thoughts for visiting my blog and hitting ‘Like’ on many of the posts! I’m much honored. That prompted me to discover your own wonderful blog. Wonderful and I mean it. It’s so full of thoughts and thoughts floating all over. I’m sure it’s going to be a good read for a long time to come. Thanks again!


  2. I love that it is a mix of short stories, poetry and other information. I think it is a really engaging blog. I particularly love, as I’m sure you know, the collaborative poems where you invite us to add a few lines then put them together into a fantastic unique piece of work that we all have made together. Love it. Keep going. More of the same.

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  3. I love every section of blog..all are unique and beautiful.. I suggest to again start over nanotales section atleast once or twice in week..

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