Snapshots of Floating Thoughts #11: a vignette of life!!!


Photographer: Dhruv Agrawal
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Compiled by: Roy & Tahira
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Title: a vignette of life !!!

“”A photographer is not the one who only clicks pictures but a person who shows the busy world that nature is beautiful. People should see and feel the photographs. World is beautiful. We just have take out time from our busy schedule to take a moment and see how beautiful the world is!”


A curious teenager, Dhruv Agrawal loves to click pictures. Though studying in school, Dhruv never forgets to take out time for his passion. His keen interest in photography from a tender age speaks volumes about his sensitive yet determined perception towards life and people.

Studies aren’t everything sometimes it’s better to do what you love the most and Dhruv loves photography. Nowadays people are busy in their daily life but no one stops for a second to cherish the beauty of the earth. His photographs urge to look deeper into the royalty of nature.

So dear reader, walk with Dhruv along the vignette of various forms of lives and get colored with their emotions.


To the ripples and rocks, I am just a passer-by
who walks on the roads merging into the sky

image2 (2)

The lion might be the king of the jungle
but a cat never performs in a circus

image1 (1)

Though I am clustered,
I haven’t lost my luster


My crepuscular eyes met the dazzling sun rays,
waiting for its defeat because
the dim moon has always been my comrade


The river veering amidst the livid hills,
The mottled sky lit by tiny ember,
How strange, it absorbs my sullen anger

image1 (2)

Amidst the crowd, I revel in my absence
Amid the noise, I listen to the silence
All these strangers seem familiar
Surrounded by many hearts far and near

““If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there”
― George Harrison


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Disclaimer: The copyright of all the photographs, is reserved by the photographer.


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  1. How can I leave the cat…looks like it’s having a hard day….just can’t stop staring at it’s sad emotional face!!! Captured so well 👍

    Liked by 2 people

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