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Diary Entry: Love to Loss…5th Oct’17…0150 hrs

The night seems peaceful with the soft gust of winds blowing inside my room, making its way through the wide-open balcony doors. The cool breeze grazes my skin as I pick up my laptop to make another entry in my diary-the one and only true friend of mine. As I look outside, I can see the clear sky adorned with a full moon and a starry night. However, this external calmness fails to pacify the humongous waves of distress inside me. With each press of the keypad buttons…with every letter that is weaved into words…my heart bleeds slowly the laments of the loss that originated from the buds of the love. So dear diary here goes out this entry to the girl who loved me the most only to leave me helpless and lost in the end…

WHY?? Wait! You will soon know why…Just keep on reading…

We meet someone in our life. We find the chemistry strikingly appealing. We feel we found the right person in our life. We live in that moment deluged in the intensity and rawness of the exuberant interactions. At that moment, within a span of few minutes, we decide over a kiss and butterflies in our stomach that we have met the one person that can only be our soul mate, with the perfect imaginable future with them. But wait…in reality the butterflies can only be found around flowers and the electrifying kiss is nothing more than the touch of one’s skin over another.

Then! How does love happen? How do we decide that the person is best for us?

Well that depends, someone goes for the eyes, some for the voice, some for the looks, some for attitude…all the external attributes. Obviously, the first impression can only be the physical appearance. The attraction develops on the basis of how the person speaks or acts. Then this makes me think one very important question, when the first filter is implicitly is the looks, how come we end u saying that we like the special person because of his/her internal beauty.

Dude! You chose him/her in the first place because of his physical beauty and after that, once you started to interact with him/her, you came to know about the goodness that resided inside. 

Now this analysis, makes me think how can we meet up with our soul partner when the first selection is made on the basis of body and not soul.
Why do we end up saying, I like you for your heart more than your outer beauty? We surely haven’t selected them from the pool of inner beauties. The selection is biased and skewed as there may be some person who might have just failed to pass the cutoff of the criteria of physical appearance to be approached by us, though having the most beautiful and compatible soul ever for us.

But HARD LUCK finding him/her since you have already eliminated him/her based on your lust and attraction.

That is why we find few love stories that turn to the legendary ones in the end and maximum of the rest falling apart. When you decide to choose a person based on external beauty, you forget that you are also both a customer and supplier. You are also chosen by the person based on your looks. And a customer will always search for the best product and the supplier will always try to find the most loyal customer. So, the whole concept of relationship based on external beauty becomes a dynamic choice. Once you come across someone better looking with a comparable level of internal beauty, your relationship starts to take the road of misunderstandings. You stand confused thinking did I make the right choice for my entire life or did I take the decision in a haste. And the next step is already known to all –  the breakups and new hookups…and so this cycle goes on until either you get tired and decide to compromise or you find in the ruckus, fortunately, your real soul partner.

Now, diary, you must be thinking why I am being so cynical? How can anyone not go for external beauty? How come love, at first sight, be wrong? How can we find the true love?

Well, maybe since my girl left me for someone else triggered me into thinking this…maybe her leaving made me realize that love doesn’t follow a particular pattern after all. The fortunate true love stories happen only when the selection based on physical beauty coincides with the internal beauty. So, the best option is to stop judging people and evaluating their actions. The right course of action is not to search for ourselves in them rather accept and respect them for their individuality.

Ultimately, our heart is like a room with an entry and an exit. There are no doors to either the entry or the exit. You don’t have the control to stop people entering your heart and to hold people from leaving your heart. What you can do is that allow everyone irrespective of their physical appearance. Cherish good memories that you create with them and learn from the instances when they hurt you.

Since, in the end, one day, you will find the one true person that will be worth of all your pamper and love. Until then, believe in love and don’t lose faith based on the immature and the essential breakups. The heart is a fragile material. It is meant to be broken only to be joined once again so that you can grow from being a naive lover to a matured one.


Signing off


PS: I got a date to attend to in the morning…so back to bed now…Hopefully, she is the one..if not then there is one still trying to find me through her unsuccessful dates…



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