My Dear Readers,

This one will be one of the most emotional posts that I have ever written on this website.
The reason I say this is because I am choking on my words as I read THE 1000 FOLLOWERS milestone.

So, I would let my team of THE FLOATING THOUGHTS start with their lovely messages for YOU!
 Yes, YOU! My dear Reader, Visitor, Follower, Liker, Reviewer – one big Family of Friends

ppTravelling has been my passion since a very young age and now being able to explore so many places across the country makes me feel that dreams do come true.I am so fortunate to have been associated with the passionate bunch of people at TFT and having been able to share my travel experiences and stories with each of you.I would like to thank all of you for supporting us.We promise to bring you more travel stories from some far-off lands, stories of places and people.

Dawa Dolma aka theWanderingSoul



In my most squalid days I used to ponder upon the sublimity of my soul and now I know where I belong. Thank you the floating thoughts for the wonderful.

Back after a mundane day’s toil when I go through the blog at night, those comments and likes on our blog give me hope to strive better for tomorrow. Thank you, dear readers, for being with us and giving us a reason to smile together.

Tahira Bano aka theVocabJuggernaut



Achieving the milestone of 1000 followers is overwhelming for everyone connected to The Floating Thoughts. There are untold stories yet to share, countless hearts yet to touch, hidden writers yet to arise.
We hope you keep coming back to The Floating Thoughts to read, to write, to share.
Much love and thanks!

Neha Sakuja aka theContentCurator


pp (1)There is darkness in life and there is light, The Floating Thoughts, is one such light which helps you to rediscover yourself. The impeccable talent and enthusiasm of all the blogger radiate so much of energy which always motivates me to move forward. In days where nothing seems right, coming across your love and struggles makes me bright.

Love till it heals every part of yours!
Thank You all for your endless Love, support and believe towards us.

Amrita Nandi aka Ami


Image may contain: 1 person, beard and indoor

The Floating Thoughts is not just a website or blog, it is a family. It is a dream. It is a vision.
From outside it looks like any other website but if you look closer you will see the heart and the soul of the people working behind with just one motive, to let the world read their version of so many stories.

Dee Kay 

I started this blog in the midst of my darkness and struggle with no hint of how to proceed. I was lingering in one corner of this world when out of shadow Dee Kay came and showed me how beautiful a world of Blogging can be. It has been four months since this lost blog hit its first 100 followers, got many award nominations, transformed into a website, made a ton of new friends, met so many lovely people and shared so many stories of so many lives.

Today, it has grown 10 times of the day it started and has crossed the mark of 1000 followers. So, here I stand before you with a heart filled with gratitude and love…a smile filled with nostalgic memories and emotions that is ready to share so many beautiful stories.

I thank you for accepting me in your family and showering with your affection. I thank you for accepting my darkness and becoming a light waiting at the end. I thank you for making this family grow both in numbers and in maturity.

I love you all…let’s keep the light burning bright with our words.

I cant end this note without the notable mentions of people close to my heart.

Ray, Dronstad Ashley, Kim,   SameerasoibaDebbie, anuskhalovestruck15Ives Trendy 

Shreya, Ananyathelonelyauthorblog, iScriblrAshleigh WhyteSann

Tracy, Antsafanou, SherellPia MajumdarRad Gamertalesfromthemindofkristian

 Minal, Ravi Prakash Saini, Deepika Umesh, Sonam

The list doesn’t end just here…

My deepest gratitude and respect to all of you…
Keep Shining…Keep Writing…
Loads of Love and Smile sending your way…
Hopefully, we remain connected in all the ups and downs of our journey…
Happy blogging  !!!




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