INVITATION: Write with Roy & Dee Kay !!!

Dear Reader,

In order to express their gratitude and love for this community, Roy & Dee Kay invite you to write with them.

We request you to come up with a reply to the poem below, continuing it with the theme.

Please write your poem in the comment section (no word limit). The poems would be compiled and featured with your name and your blog link on this website.

Let’s grow this world of creativity with our words.
Happy Writing !!!

Watching you through those tinted windows
I see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose
Wounds of past are what you have chose 
Over this recklessly silly lover of yours
Bundled in pains this heart wails of your woes
I do see them even when you don’t wish to show
Songs of our existence once which sounded mellow
Now fails to penetrate the depths of your lows
Melancholic my days pass by drowning in your sorrows
Helpless and powerless I stay bound to the promise in your shadows
Watching you through those tinted windows
I see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose…


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47 thoughts on “INVITATION: Write with Roy & Dee Kay !!!

  1. This is a beautiful poem… hope my contribution is also 🙂

    Emotional thorns
    that sprouted
    from wounds of the past,
    shy away
    from your perceiving eyes
    I do at times hear our song
    but in the turmoil of my sorrows,
    the beautiful melody… dies
    please, look away
    for within,
    my tears bleed my heart
    along with the promises
    we might have whispered in the dark
    please, look away
    from my unseen love
    that, for you, cries

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  2. Loving you unconditionally is what I chose,
    “You are bound to his love”, are the words of my fellows,
    I love you more than I show .
    Watching you through those tinted windows
    I too wants to get trapped in that beautiful rose
    You and me, then will tie our souls.

    In very simple words, I tried to continue the poem 🙊

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  3. Here’s my two cents Roy!

    Your beauty moves my heart, but my love is trapped; this tinted glass won’t let my heart get to you. So my love breathes, but just upon this dreaded glass. Misty, my eyes are getting misty, my love is just a breath, a mist upon the glass. Trembling, my heart is trembling; my gaze is trapped within the soul of a beautiful rose. Powerless, my heart stays absolutely powerless; my heart is forever bound, within the shadow of a beautiful rose!

    Warren Richards

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  4. I have never attempted this before… answering your poem, here goes;

    I feel your gaze as you peer,
    Always after me so sincere.
    I only tremble with fear,
    praying you won’t appear.
    My sorrow does not belong to my lover,
    My pain belongs to you.
    You took my heart and threw it away…
    I remain beyond the tinted window.


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  5. the freedom you cling to, devoured
    the rose you dwell in, shriveled and worn
    the soul you foster, while innocent and mild
    springs forth into darkness, blinded and torn
    I continue to thirst for a love so sour
    I sit in the garden and count down the hours
    This day, this night, this echoing fear
    What have you done to the hope that was near?
    Tormented, you sift through the pain and decide in the end there was nothing to gain.
    A bittersweet end, all the same.

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    1. I meant to separate the second to last night. Sorry.

      Tormented, you sift through the pain
      And decide in the end there was nothing to gain.
      A bittersweet end, all the same.

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      1. *sigh* my tired brain. Not night. second to last line. Feel free to edit my comment and delete these last two replies. 🙂


          1. Thank you! I realized later I had written a continuation when you had asked for a response. I didn’t catch that the first time. Such a great idea, starting a conversation in verse. I love your site!

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  6. One day I hope for better tomorrows
    When we again can talk about our sorrows
    It may be cruel to say, one reaps what one sows.
    I will not reproach you thus, Life is full of unearned woes.
    I won’t pick over bones of regret like the pitiless crows
    Until the day I’ll watch and wait, as your flower grows
    Watching you through those tinted windows
    I see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose…

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  7. I can see you suffering from a distance ,
    But I can’t change your life in an instant,
    For you warned me never to give you my guidance,
    I can see your painful wounds, that left a trail of blisters,
    I see a trembling soul trapped inside a beautiful rose.

    Haha I tried though… 😂 I tried… Can’t wait to see how you geniuses combine them again… 💕

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  8. The season spent in raging storm

     have built around a fence of thorn

    I ve been deceived in all its form

    In attempt to hope and save my soul

    so for the left  time  that I still own 

    I ve learnt to love this current home

    Now ,Ghost or real?

    a hero comes from endless dream

    familiar voice but face unseen 

    a song I lift  from windowsill

    as to respond 

    My only bound

    to the outside world

    My first sunray 

    warmest hug Roy and Deekay^^

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