The Burden of Life By Dee Kay

The Burden of Life

By Dee Kay

Who you are is different from who you want to be,
Who you end up becoming is something you never had seen.
The internal chaos left a wound that you thought could never heal,
But remember what goes down comes up at the end of this wheel.
Your self image took a hit when everything went south,
You screamed in silence while your soul just couldn’t shout.
The truth was never revealed to anyone except you and your soul,
You have to trust again if you ever want to be whole.
What you lost is not just your self worth or your innocense,
It is much more than what you had previously sensed.
Inch by inch your body took the toll of the choices you made,
You tampered a part of your soul everytime you wish to evade.
Stop now because this may be your last chance,
Wait now before you look back to take a glance.
The past is gone so don’t give it the power to haunt you anymore,
Take a deep breath and think about it to make sure.
It’s okay to ask for help when you need it the most,
You are not alone who is haunted by the past’s ghost.
Look around you and you will find survivor of the same,
Ask them for help and they will make sure you don’t feel ashamed.
Life is a beautiful journey but not when you have to walk alone,
Experience the fall because that’s when you would be able to write your own song.
Remember what I say in this poem I wrote for you,
Look deeper in my words to find the real clues.
Clues to understanding yourself in better and in worse,
Life is a gift so don’t live it like a curse.

By Dee Kay


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  1. This is great! “Who you end up becoming is something you never had seen. ” Who I have become is not anything I could have expected…And I know I’m still learning, growing…So I’m excited to discover who I will become! 😁

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  2. True..loved it..I get motivate by thinking the same n have same feeling for feels good if ppl surrounding u also have positive aspect fr life..

    Liked by 1 person

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