Maybe the only thing I knew…by Roy!!!

Maybe the only thing I knew…
by Roy!!!

Rejected, U left me in the waters of my melancholy
Dejected, I wait soaked in your fading beauty

I felt hatred burning within my soul…
                                                 but could not reduce the immense love…
I felt heart beating at normal pace…
                                                but couldn’t stop the ache…

Maybe the only thing I knew…was just You !

Helpless this heart awaits…Broken yours remain…
Beyond all those oceans …Across all the mountains…
Until they in sync beat !!!
Until their edges meet !!!
Until their destiny repeat !!!

Blocked, U split us into ceasing halves
Clasped, I held mine while watching the receding yours

I felt air passing between the lips…
                                              but couldn’t breathe…
I felt sleepy lying beside your memories…
                                              but could not close my eyes…

Maybe the only thing I knew…was just You!

Helpless this heart awaits…Broken yours remain…
Beyond all those oceans …Across all the mountains…
Until they in sync beat !!!
Until their edges meet !!!
Until their destiny repeat !!!

Returned, U stare at my unstoppable tears
Adamant, I ran to embrace you for forever

I felt the longing for your touch …
                                    but couldn’t reach for your fingers…
I felt the coldness in your company…
                                   but couldn’t resist the hope for your warmth…

May the only thing I knew…wasn’t THIS You!

Helpless this heart awaits…Broken yours remain…
Beyond all those oceans …Across all the mountains…
Can they heal with time?
Can they smile your smiles?
Can this be everlasting?



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43 thoughts on “Maybe the only thing I knew…by Roy!!!

  1. “Can they smile your smiles?” I love that line. I love the whole poem but that line got me a little teary… The smile of someone we love and have lost always remains in our hearts and mind. An image permanently fixed I fear. Beautiful, Roy. ~Kim

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    1. Thanks dear Kim. It is true those faces are indelibly etched in our memories. They do makes us nostalgic but at the same time makes us realise they we were fortunate to have them in our life.

      Sending loads of smiles ur way

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  2. that’s beautiful and these words hurt too because I feel them the same way. But maybe these words are not painful any more, but comforting when you have come to terms with the fact that there is no hope for some things? Yes, maybe it is the hope that causes me pain in reading such poetry.

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    1. you know Anie… though these words hurt but it does reinstate that it is during such broken phases we see how brighter is the light of happiness. It helps us realize that beautiful things must not be taken for granted because not everything is going to remain constant. So when in dark clouds…learn to be a warrior and find the silver lining… and during the sunlit days enjoy it fullest and be thankful…

      PS : thank you so much for reading…means a lot 🙂

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      1. Your answers mean a lot!
        You are right, it is very valuable not to see things as self-evident and to gather strength to see the light in bad days.
        I admire people who live with fatalities. With illnesses and loss through death. They are heroes.
        So far, nothing of the sort applies to me. A force that nevertheless manages to get thrown off track without these living circumstances is uncanny and I think my defensive attitude is therefore justified.

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        1. Thanks Anie…
          There is no judgement in how one lives ones life…only thing matters is whether he/she lives on his/her terms…coz it is our story book…so let us make mistakes and let us learn learn from those. In the end that is what gonna make the book interesting… 🙂

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          1. yes, everyone makes mistakes. We learn from the mistakes. We can not undo what happened. And right, everyone has to live up to their conditions. Live and let live and live your dreams, if it is possible.
            Only one objection and that’s where I meet the artist in you. I also see myself as creative and artistic. I am a dreamer and a passionate lover, but I do not see my life as a book. My life is not art. My life is above art. Art may give meaning to my life, but my life is not for the purpose of art. My life is not a book, no painting and no music. If I can decide whether I can either enter the history books as a world-famous artist or be a loving and beloved mother and human being, I would choose the mother, without even a minute to think!

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          2. That is beautiful Anie…
            But let me tell you something..maybe my analogies seem abstract but each of those culminates to one point… relationships…not with art but with people around… every moment in our life is story within itself…now again i talking about story but actually it indicates to us, and our people and relations coz altogether these creates a story…
            So yes there has been no intention of being the world famous artist and be in books but there has been always aspiration of being the best ever person to my people and to myself…so one day i can tell myself…just simply … with a smile
            Bro…u did good…!!!

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Yes that’s true! The question is what ambition you have and which path to take. I think it is completely dishonest to let oneself be persuaded of goals that have nothing to do with you at the moment. Goals are changing as you will hopefully grow in life. But I’m not at the point that I say I’m running in the footsteps of Mother Theresa or something. I look compassionately at the people who have been influenced and thrown away their lives, now swimming around among the sea of ​​people who are lonely and searching. That’s the wrong way! Step by step. I may be a joke in the eyes of some people, but for example I am the greatest treasure for my family and that alone is very valuable to me. I do not need the world, it would be nice if I can give something to the world. But I can only help the world when I’m happy. When I am unhappy I achieve absolutely nothing. I have already learned that. And only I alone know, what is my luck for this moment. Nobody can persuade me. Sorry, I’m very stubborn!

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          4. First of all Anie…U R NOT AT ALL being stubborn… I love discussions…it opens a door to new perspectives to me…

            SECOND… I admire the way u think…YES certainly if our family see us as their greatest treasure then it itself means that u are doing great…coz if u cant be a better person for your own family…then no words…no confrontation…no hugs to other people would matter…Since it would lack depth…WHY? because our DEPTH comes from our family and friends…

            PS : If I may ask…what happened to your blog address…I cant follow your blog

            Liked by 1 person

          5. I’m stubborn, I know that, but I do not care. ; )
            For my family, I’m very important and my family is also important for me. Despite your momentary life you may meet people who are important to you. That’s the reason, if you do start your own family, no?
            And this can happen to you at any age and in any situation, even if you are already married and have kids. And of course there is the question what did not vote in your life, that you have room for a stranger in such a way. And you have to arrange your life accordingly to have space, if this person feels the same way. But that does not mean to me that I deny my entire life and my entire family or pay no attention.
            My page has a different address now. But this page shows more drawings. I am not a blogger and I do not know if and how long I will post at all.

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    1. Thanks for reading 🙂
      Not completely…i pick up stories around me and try to present them but few emotions presented in it…have been experienced by me also….
      PS : glad u liked 🙂

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  3. It’s so emotional and pure.. I can feel goosebumps when he expressed the love for his beloved. End of the poem is just amazing which keeps the audience in deep thought of possibilities that all can happen ..

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  4. Really beautiful poetry …Filled with emotions of a broken heart but still left with a tinge of hope…Keep on and your writing will become more mature with practice

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  5. It’s so mesmerising that I think I have made a song out of it. It amazingly fits as the lyrics of a broken heart-centred romantic song.

    Liked by 4 people

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