Multi-Collaboration: Smiles & Miles !!!

Dear Readers,
Thank you for showering overwhelming love on the 800 followers !!! THANK YOU & Write with me … I am touched by the lovely and beautiful lines that you shared for the collaboration. 
I have compiled it into a final poem and your NAMES have been added at the end of the
lines that were contributed by you. The links to your blogs have been linked to your names.
I would also request my readers to visit the blogs of these FEATURED GUESTS. They have an awesome collection of stories and poetry.
Have a happy reading !!!

Mask my face with your smile

Until this bare heart remains fragile

Soon my path would be lost in many miles
With only your memories left to be called as mine                                    Roy & Dee Kay

I trod upon the twisted road bereft of your love           
unable to see the coming truth as I have run so far.                                 Jay-lyn Doerksen
that through your words, you shape my world                                         Deb Whittam

I kissed your lips, your hands on mine                                       
I didn’t know I was lost in your seductive eyes
At least with you, my feelings drift and fly.                                             jack robin

We both knew there were those fights,                                       
That it was dark and the color of your eyes rescued us to lights.           thabranix

Remember this smile and remember this name 
As I tread these many miles                                                                           Emily

Happiness is what follows my path, 
Giving hope at every start.                                                                            dronstadblog

My thoughts will be held always captive with your smile
And you will be the captain of my heart.                                                    Tracy Jane

memories are the comfort of a life well lived 
love given out returns fivefold

from those we meet and encourage
turns base metal into pure gold                                                   talesfromthemindofkristian

these moments will eternally exist   
for they are gifted in memories of us to live on forever                  
moments lasting into memories to always treasure
long after we return to the dust                                                                        Sherell


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