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Diary Entry: Obsession…Let It GO…24th July’17…0220 hrs


The waves of the sea always come back to kiss the shores only to part with it in the next moment. Sitting on the beach,  I watch those ripples as they rush towards the sands. Under the moonlit and starry skies, I find a strange peace within while watching those restless surging tides. I can relate those undulating ripples to the unrest and unachieved dreams of mine…dreams that have turned into an obsession…an obsession that is like those helpless waves of the sea who longs to live with the shore.

So here I am again writing under the incandescence of stars, pouring my obsession onto your white skin, dear diary.

Tell me are you also obsessed? Obsessed to love someone…obsessed to achieve something…obsessed to never give up…obsessed to dream…!!!

Well, obsession is like an addiction. You may feel you are on the right track until you realize the malice that seeps into you. When I speak of malice, it is not in a sense to harm someone rather it is in every respect to hurt yourself. I know dreams and obsession are on the different sides of a very thin line…a line where to walk on is a difficult task since it is very easy to fall on the wrong side of it. And once you falter towards the obsessive side, the things that you had always dreamt of, become the master of your life. The obsession guides your thoughts…dominates your activities…blurs out your vision. During the whole time, you may think you are working for a big dream of achieving something while in the midst of it you are transformed into a machine that misses the beautiful small things in life in the rush to achieve the illusion of big ones.

Even if you achieve your big dream, in the end, you may find that the disappointment of losses that you incur during the process of attaining it, supersedes the happiness of the accomplishment. Now, tell me will it be a success anymore for you?

I don’t certainly want to believe that following our passion or our dream, without the intention of giving up, turns out always an obsession. Only when you face continual failures in the journey, the dreams tend to get under your skin. Moreover, if you are an emotional guy like me, it will certainly get a better hold of you. Each failure will do two things to you…either it will break you and make you rush for an easy way out by forcing you to give up on dreams or it will make you more adamant and force you to give up everything else in your life except the dreams.

The strange and funny thing is that in either case, you will be giving up one or the other thing. Now it is upon you to weigh whether giving up on your dream is better or worse than giving up every other beautiful thing in your life. In both the cases you will be unhappy for your entire life…in the first, you would regret not allowing another chance to your passion and in the second you would regret not giving due attention to the people associated in your life or your responsibilities to them.


What I tell to myself is that: Don’t be a rolling stone that runs uncontrolled down the mountain and destroys every good thing in its path just for the sake to reach the bottom anyhow. You need to decide whether you want to achieve your dreams in any random ways or you want to win it like a hero…a hero who doesn’t sacrifice the beautiful relationships or small important moments or his responsibilities to his friends and families just for his selfish goal of accomplishing his goals…
rather he knows to ride the ship with everyone in it even over the unruly waves like a fearless but responsible sailor.

So, make time for your families…find moments to feel happiness…create opportunities to make your loved ones feel special…because I know in the end you will surely find your destiny. It might take a while but you will realize your dreams, you will win the war with failures. But the end of that journey is going to be very lonely with all those successes. It is upon you whether you want to stand alone there without any worthy memories or relish it with your special ones, remembering every beautiful sad and happy phases of your struggles.

Let go of the obsession to secure the top rung of the ladder. 
Be like a fallen warrior that fights not only for himself but also for his loved ones.
Be like an unsung hero that can find happiness amidst the scars.
Be like an underdog who can walk patiently the whole length of that thin line.

Signing off


PS: I am not going to ignore anything or anyone worth in my life just for the rush to achieve my goals. Are you ready to do the same??



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