the 800 followers !!! THANK YOU & Write with me …

To each one of my Dear: Sincere Readers, My Followers, The  first-time Visitors, The One-Time Visitors,

I am touched by the love and affection that you have shown to this website. As we hit the 800 followers milestone, we find this family growing not only in numbers but also in content and in thoughts.

There is always a writer within us, bobbing up and down in his/her thoughts. Let not that thought get away unheard. Let those thoughts touch others soul…let those thoughts float around the world.


In order to celebrate this milestone with my WORDPRESS family,
I wish to invite YOU to write with me.

I am putting forth few lines that pop into my mind just now.
Add your lines to mine in the comments section. The length of your submission can vary up to 2-6 lines. No constraints on Rhyming. Just let your emotions out…let yourself lose in your words and add your beautiful lines.


Here are my lines:

Mask my face with your smile
Until this bare heart remains fragile

Soon my path would be lost in many miles
With only your memories left to be called as mine 


The final poem will be published in the next post within a couple of days. Your Name and blog will be featured along with the lines that will be submitted by you in the comment section.

So, let’s begin the poetry feast !!!

Happy blogging  !!!

Chief Editor
The Floating Thoughts Team



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43 thoughts on “the 800 followers !!! THANK YOU & Write with me …

  1. We both knew there were those fights,
    That it was dark and the color of your eyes rescued us to lights.

    I’m new and I think I’m gonna find inspiration here. Congratulations! I deserve it. I’m following now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. these moments will eternally exist
    for they are gifted in memories of us
    to live on forever
    moments lasting into memories
    to always treasure
    long after we return to the dust

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations! 💙

    Want to participate here:

    Mask my face with your smile

    A dirty wink that’s full of lies

    I kiss your lips your hands on mine

    I didn’t know I was lost on your seductive eyes

    But at least with you my feelings drifted and fly.

    Even though for sometimes I was denied.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happiness is what follows my path,
    Giving hope at every start.

    Walking over letter that form a tile,
    I am walking forward with a grand smile.

    PS: Congrats Commander. 😀 Your success is bringing me joy. May you grow more and prosperous. 😀 Salute.

    Liked by 1 person

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