RUMINATIONS is a NEW segment of the BLOG. This page will share the moments of soul-searching from Neel’s life. Hope his introspection becomes a source of motivation for others.

Diary Entry: Fear – I See You……25th May’17…2120 hrs

It has been a month since I made an entry here. Does it really mean I am able to see within myself clearly than I did before? Actually, I am still not very sure and so here I am again, writing.

There are always dark patches of cloud that makes few chambers in your heart hidden from you. You do know the route to those chambers but you dare not take a course towards them. You just tiptoe quickly whenever you need to walk through one of those lanes. The most surprising fact is that those chambers remain unlocked, unlike the ones where you always visit.

I know I am being too metaphorical here. So to put it simply, those chambers are the best version of your qualities that are hidden behind the dark clouds of your fears.
yes, FEARs !!!
FEAR is a subjective yet a domestic commodity.

Fear creeps within us in all ways. The basic form is fear of some tangible concept such as aversion to certain animals or insects. Your body gives jitters as soon as you see either a bumble bee hovering near your nose or a lizard crawling its way towards your study table. You jump from your seat and land somewhere into the farthest zone of the room. Well if this is not your case then maybe a street dog staring you with its open fangs and growling at you, would make you at least walk faster to the nearest shop.  See! these are those tangible fears of which you would remain helpless forever. Most importantly, the best thing is to ignore them and avoid them.

But the problem arises when FEAR creeps within you in its intangible form. The most common fear that we possess is fear of failures…fear to try new things in life…fear to take risks…fear to challenge ourselves. These are the real dark clouds that make the worthy chambers in your heart invisible to you. It is true that the path down those chambers won’t be a bed of roses. And you know this fact very clearly. You know that there is a maximum probability that your present comfortable and planned life will topple and fall out of your control. You know that in case you don’t succeed, your life will take a downhill road. You are aware that the beyond those chambers there are only two weapons left with you PERSEVERANCE and PATIENCE. And since you think there is neither guarantee of success nor surety of better circumstances than the present one, you decide to take a step back and not to let go of the illusion of your controlled and planned life.

Some of us, including me, do try to open those chambers by walking past those dark clouds of fear. But then a single defeat gives us a nervous breakdown…makes us panic…and finally we run towards our so-called easy comfy life. But those who linger beyond those doors…give up the lavishness of preconceived success…toils under the wrath of harsh mental and physical circumstances…comes out as an improved version of themselves.

Even though human, they get segregated into a completely different species.  They are a rare breed who looks into the eye of the tornado of fears and say ” I see You”.

Because in the end…

Beneath those dark clouds…Beyond those unlocked chambers…Behind those FEARs…


Signing off


PS: I am going to open those doors, get past those dark clouds and face my FEARS…Would you dare to face yours ??



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