A tribute to the soul of a father : by Dee Kay

Author : Dee Kay

Title : A tribute to the soul of a father!!!

Genre : Poetry

We recently posted a heart touching letter from a daughter to her late father.
Read the Letter here

The letter evoked so many emotions in our team that we couldn’t stop ourselves from giving our tribute to all the departed father and the immense love that will always exist between a father and a daughter.

The hole he left in your life is beyond repair.
I can imagine how he used to love and take your care.

The departure of his mortal body from this world was known,
But I can tell that his love for you is well known.

He gave up his comfort to pay the bills and to provide for you,
One day he had to go which he already knew.

He tried his best to make you a better person than him,
I know you will miss him everyday whenever the lights will go dim.

He is gone and that’s the end of his mortal journey here,
His soul will live on forever so don’t shed more tears.

You are his princess but now you have to be a queen,
You have to take care of your family and yourself in between.

You will always have him in your life as he is your part,
I am just a poet telling you that you and your father can never be apart.


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  1. What if papa is not with us but still he is seeing our struggle and help us whenever we face difficulties. We sisters promise 😭you papa we’ll try to fulfill all your responsibilities and wishes which you gave up for our career and comforts 😭…

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  2. Thank you Dee Kay 🙇❤❤ nice lines… these lines are directly related😭 i love you papa… want to be your daughter in next birth and thereafter in every birth 🙇🙇😇

    Liked by 3 people

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