Dear Dronstad,

This post was long due from my side. I didn’t forget about this nomination rather was waiting for the appropriate time so that my blog could justify this award that has been bestowed by you. And so here it is brother, this post dedicated to you.

Dear Readers, dronstad writes short stories based on war theme. The descriptions and details do portray the visual imageries that remain with you long after you finish reading the stories. I love his Night Blabber posts , where you can get to know him bit by bit.
Truly he has been an encouragement and inspiration. Visit his blog to add an awesome friend in your list.

I know I know commander, I m getting into details again…haha…:P
So without any further ado, here are the details of this award.

The purpose of this award is to promote patriotism. Along with it, this reward is created to unify bloggers from different Countries through tolerance and appreciation of their nationality. We are already unified by our love for writing and reading, so this is a token of that love.

The rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link of their blog
2. List the rules of the award
3. Post a photo of your National flag and anthem
4. Leave a favorite quote
5. Nominate a few loyal bloggers

(Optional rules: Link the creator of the Award, decorate your blog with the “Dronstad Wings”)

3. Post a photo of your National flag 


4. Leave a favorite quote

There is a list of my favorite quotes that keeps me motivated but that is for another post. For now I am sharing below the image that shouts the importance of consistency and belief. Hope this rejuvenates the light in you.


5. Nominate a few loyal bloggers

There can never be a selective list of my nominations since everyone I know here truly deserves all the nominations. So if you are interested to pass on the torch of patriotism and inspiration, you are most welcome to write a post on this nomination since I nominate You !!!

A member of Dronstad Cyber wing… May the Quill Power be with You !!!

Dronstad Wings