Like a Ghost, I will brush past you
And you wont even have any clue
Addicted to You !!!

Like an air, I will be in your breath
And you wont even feel the need to fret
Lost in You !!!

Like a moon, I will shine on your soft skin
And you wont even realize it therein
Fell over you !!!

Like an ocean, I will imprison your agony in my depths
And you wont even endure a hint of its breadths
Angel for You !!!

Like a star, I will twinkle with your smile
And you wont even know how distant between us are the miles
Silent-Watcher in You !!!

Like a mountain, I will stand tall for your pride
And you won’t even reckon the extent of strengths it would revive
Armour over You !!!

Like a shadow, I will always remain by your side
And you won’t even feel how in you I hide
Invisible to You !!!

My life is for you…My world is in You…
My mornings begin with a hope to get a look at your face…
My evenings end with a wish to feel the warmth in your embrace…
Always will be a silly ONE-SIDED LOVER of you !!!


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46 thoughts on “You…

  1. Lovely writing, Roy… I don’t believe in one sided love… But your post made me feel that maybe, just maybe, some do love like that.
    I can honestly say, I am not made that way…
    So just beautiful to know, some can feel so much. Nicely stringed words

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    1. Thanks Shalini…U know I have seen few one sided true loves..not everyone gathers the courage to express himself or herself..I guess the fear of rejection does that but yeah their luv is pure…
      I hope I could honor their luv through this.

      Thanks again for such a lovely comment


      1. Well, I have been honest enough to tell the person if I like him. Then whether he likes me back or not, is his lookout. At least, I know that I have been honest to myself.
        My logic is simple I am alone whether I confess to my feelings or not, but maybe just maybe, if he likes me back, I wouldn’t be alone.
        What’s life if not a gamble. Also only ego takes a fall for some time but my self respect does not, if he rejects me. I had the guts to put my feelings upfront and be honest.
        Well these are purely my ways of life, how I live it

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        1. Hey Shalini…first of all thanks for sharing such a beautiful aspect of your personality.

          yeah it is indeed brave to share ones feelings to the concerned person. But love is a fathomless abyss of mystery. Sometimes one gets so much overwhelmed with it that even the a thought of the loved one gives a warmth of eternity.

          The best thing is always to express the love but if every love story moved on this path then Love would not have been dimensionless…
          But contrary love if faceless…the more one thinks he/she understands it the greater it leaves one surprised.

          Sometimes just to know that the loved one is happy can become the destiny of the person and sometime just a small sacrifice of ones acceptance of the feelings can refrain history to see the greatest ever love story. That is why love is both an agony and a comfort…both sadness and happiness…both a journey and a destiny…


          1. Well Roy, I can’t extol the virtue of love as poets do or you do. But living on this earth for many many decades, I have realised to be practical and find ways and principles which work for me.
            I can talk about what I have seen in this world. I used to think about love in such dimensions in my 20s. Now hopefully, I am much older and much wiser, so I choose ways which work for me

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          2. hehe…yeah agree to that…
            That is fair enough…Shalini…
            Dont worry…my reply wasnt to persuade u to think
            For me, I like to research things…so i guess the replies becomes a bit poetic… but it is always great to learn different aspects of experience as I m learnin from ur comments…
            🙂 🙂


        1. I agree Jane…beauty is subjective and sacrifice should be worthwhile…but sometimes things might not be what we hope…but that doesn’t mean…the effort were of no use…

          candle burns spreading its light in darkness…whether knowing if anyone is getting the light


  2. Not a believer of one sided love at all!
    Whenever I think abt this, it makes me sad & l feel the person should move on….

    I feel if two ppl r meant for each other, the feeling can never be one sided, whatever may be the reason but true love has strength to overcome that….At least I want to believe this!

    But, the poem touched my heart, it’s beautiful & l can feel the pain…..

    I just hope & pray that everyone gets lucky in love 💜

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    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment…
      True love has many faces Deepika…some finds the destiny…some are destined to be sacrificed for greater purpose…and some just leaves with fleeting memorable memories…

      So the more we think we know what is luv…the more it becomes complex…

      The key is to cherish every instant of it, until it is wid u…

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  3. The emotions and the relation with which this flows is amazing. 🙂 It had that musical tone to it which I felt while reading. Beautiful poetry Roy. All aspects of one sided love (the true one not the obsession )amalgamated perfectly .♥

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    1. Thanks so much Sam…yeah a one sided lover story…not a obssessive one but one who just remains in the corner and comes out as an angel…sometimes one sided luv are the true love…


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