Snapshots of Floating Thoughts #7: a Cute World under the Furs !!!


Photographer : Kunal Sharma
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Compiled by : Soiba Tahir
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Title : a Cute World under the Furs!!!


” The journey of photography has been a wonderful one for me till now. The small things enveloped in this huge world never fails to amaze me…I wish to capture the beauty that surrounds us yet remains unknown to many…”
– Kunal

Kunal Sharma is a meritorious budding photographer and loves to travel. Residing in Kolkata- the City of Joy, Kunal finds elation in the streets among the throng of people and captures those cursory glimpse into permanent felicity..

In this post, Kunal captures the soft furry world of cats in his lens. So dear Readers, enter in the cuteness overloaded world at your own risk. May be at the end of this post , you may decide to have a Kitty of your own !!!
Happy Reading …

FB_IMG_15182670314175382artfullness is what your soul reflects
I see you…


FB_IMG_15183234524382904my world turned topsy-turvy…
It’s time to embrace loneliness !!!
FB_IMG_15183233913144096Standing far away, I say to myself … ” Don’t you worry…You are different
And you will prove it”
FB_IMG_15183234078028510my best friend is my reflection
It reclaims my pride…
let’s hide until the storm settles 
We must survive to prove our mettle!!!


FB_IMG_15183234427584327I may seem dormant , But I’m way ahead of you
In dreams of mine, I see a world, that could only be imagined by few !!!


FB_IMG_15183234372376472I shine in the darkness…I remain awake amidst the sleepiness…
Just to let you know…I will be always there for you


“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”
Ernest Hemingway (author, For Whom the Bell Tolls)


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Featured Image Courtesy : Google Images

59 thoughts on “Snapshots of Floating Thoughts #7: a Cute World under the Furs !!!

  1. I have 4 cats and 3 new kittens and they’re all adorable. Thanks for sharing this photos. I hope other people will try to adopt a cat and realize how sweet they are and that they’re worth to ke taken care of and be loved!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wow…if possible make a post on that…would love to know about them. People who loves animals are gud at heart and m sure u are one of them….
      Every life needs love…welcome


      1. yes i will probably make one. I was inspired by your post and would love to share how it feels to live with cats. They’re are simply adorable

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks so much Kim. I have dogs as pets but still love the cats of my friends. They are really adorable….M glad that the post could inspire you to make a write up on ur cats. Pls do that…awaiting

          Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Novus…yeah some times other creatures are taken for granted…only if we can really see the beauty in life…the world will turn out to be more beautiful than now


  2. Hello there! So happy to have come across your blog, I must add your blog is refreshing like the crispy green leaves in the brink of spring. ^_^
    Best wishes to you,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Sambhavi…M glad that u visited my world. Your appreciation fill my post with freshness and touches my heart.
      Stay Blessed & Much Love


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