RUMINATIONS is a NEW segment of the BLOG. This page will share the moments of soul searching from Neel’s life. Hope his introspection becomes a source of motivation for others.

Diary Entry : ACCEPT – ISOLATE – WAIT…Monday…5th Feb’17…0200 hrs

” Dude…you are one depressed Guy !!! U need a f@ckin doctor not a friend…”

With a click the call got disconnected leaving Neel into the abyss of his darkness. She was the one true friend whom he had trusted with his life…loved with his soul…revered with all of his heart. He was the shade to her sufferings…balm to her pains…silent-listener to her whining. He never complained…never judged…never kept her waiting.
Damn!!! Neel was so-called a guardian angel to her.

However, an angel does need its wings to maintain his iconic image of strength and hope. But tell me what would happen if it loses its wings…becomes a mortal man…falls into the tides of churning waves of reality?

Neel – the guy having answers to all questions, the guy who could keep his cool in any circumstance, the guy who was looked up to for advice and support – was no less than than an angel. His wings had been his confidence and his passion had been his courage.

But one cannot move only through the good phases of life without facing the challenges and hurdles that lurks in the blinding bends of ones’ journey.

Let me give you a very well observed theory,
” The more you entrap your feelings within you, thinking you are strong to deal with those, the greater are the outbursts that consumes you and leaves you helpless”

This was what happened to Neel. He did not share his weak moments with anyone…did not cry his heart out when he should have…did not accept the reality of his losses. As a result, the day came when he had an unmanageable breakdown, shattering his confidence and passions into innumerable fragments that seemed almost next to impossible to be ever rejoined. When he did turn to the persons, who seemed close to him, for comfort, he bumped his head onto all closed doors. He became the angel without the wings…a fallen one…a loner…

Too much of anything is a red flag…
too much kindness makes people take you for granted
too much sweetness makes people diabetic of you
too much goodness makes you a predictable guy
too much rudeness makes you a grumpy guy
too much hate makes you a cold-hearted guy
too much sadness gets you tagged as a depressed guy
too much love makes people feel caged in you
too much hope draws you away from reality
too much compassion makes you branded as a soft guy

Neel became a predictable guy and that made her take him for granted, when he was in need…

What to do then?
you already know the answer…First heal and help yourself before helping others…ACCEPT the reality of your failures…ISOLATE yourself from profit-sucking people…WAIT for your opportunity…KEEP doing what inspires you even if the results seems bleak…THERE is ALWAYS a DESTINY LYING AT THE END…

There will be hurdles on the way to stop you…blind bends on the roads to surprise you…lonely moments to haunt you…
the key is to JUST KEEP MOVING !!! Even 0.1 % of the effort counts…

It was a bit late for Neel to realize this, but once he did…he could do nothing other than to just smile on himself…


for Neel
PS : Yeah the girl found another shelter !!!


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