the 300 followers !!! THANK YOU

To each one of my dear readers, my followers, the first time visitors, the one time visitors,

It feels already that I have become a part of THE 300 SPARTAN WARRIORS,
only here the WARRIORS are the WORDPRESS WRITERS… the SWORDS are our WORDS and the SHEILDS are OUR THOUGHTS…

I thanks each one of MY readers and followers, for being a part of my world and letting me be a member of yours…I feel humbled and touched by your love and motivation.

I know how difficult it is to battle with our thoughts and give a shape to our feelings…Often we get lost in the galaxy of the magnanimity of our emotions or ideas. But every time we drown in the flood of our thoughts or get tossed around by the unruly waves of our darkness…we bounce back being stronger than the previous. We bear an undiminished love for our passion…an unconquerable fire to bring a change…an unquenchable thirst for leaving a mark in the world… And to move on this path of our dreams, it requires inspiration and support…This is where this WORDPRESS community has been a consistent savior and guardian angel and so I can say that I have 300 of those angels..

So here goes my deepest gratitude and respect to all of you…
Keep Shining…Keep Writing…
Loads of Love and Smile sending your way…
Hopefully we remain connected in all the ups and downs of our journey…
Happy blogging  !!!


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  1. Aye!
    Words warriors, we are
    Searching, digging, capturing, shaping, rephrasing..
    Making our thoughts come out
    For the world to see

    That however unknown
    To just about everybody
    This is ‘me’! 🙂

    Keep the faith, mate! 🍸

    Liked by 1 person

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