Hold my hand for one last time…

Lisa sat by the side of her lover in tears that kept wetting her soft cheeks. Her fingers entwined in his and her soft breaths onto his pale skin confirmed her presence. She could feel his slow palpitating heart, forcing his chest to rise and fall in tandem with the beats. A faint belief lingered in her heart that her presence might mean something at last. His calm face coupled with the uncanny silence was making her uncomfortable. The only sound that filled the hospital ward was the constant beep in the small screen by the bed. Every beep generated the image of an old memory in front of Lisa’s eyes. An album of reminiscences kept floating with each image more vibrant than the previous. In some he smiled back at her…in some she cried with him…some made her feel special…some made her feel lonely…

The frequency of the beeps decreased and the sound started to fade. The images seemed no more vivid and an inexplicable nostalgia filled her brains. One heavy breath…one last pump of heart…transformed the periodic beeps of the machine into a continual fading tone… snatching away her memory book. The sudden coldness drove away the warmth of his touch. He looked composed, drifting away into a peaceful sleep.

Lisa slowly stood up from her chair, trying not to make any noise. She did not wish to disrupt the tranquility of his stillness. Although she had been aware of the inevitable fate, she couldn’t control the tears that continuously flowed through her face, leaving a new trail each time. She was not yet ready to let go off his grip. She quietly bent over his face, kissed her lover’s forehead and bade him farewell, repeating the lines that she used to sing to him during all those long sleepless nights when she had taken care of him…

When, Days may seem short and nights as long…
You may think… you live where you don’t belong…
Holding my hand…will make u feel strong…
An endless journey it is…so let me sing u a song…!!!
How can I let u go…let you go…
As a shadow, I will always show…
By your side, you will always know…
The soul in me is yours…forever to follow…!!!
So forget, for once, your unsteady plight…
Allow me to give it, for you, a last fight…
Will turn it, for us, in a memorable sight…
If you can just hold my hand, for one, more night..!!!

As the last words left the threshold of her lips, a heavy unexpected gasp came out…and it was of not hers


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