The Untold Scribbles (by K.Lynel)

 TUS by K.Lynel


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My brother, the soldier.

Kim Jung Hun de-planed in America from South Korea at the age of 9. Here was my forever brother, finally coming home to us after we waited for so long to adopt him!

He was a smiley little boy, one year my junior. Kory Jon Severson, his American given name, was a little tease and a terror at times! Then he would smile, say he was sorry and that he loved you. All was forgiven. The world lit up when he smiled.

He grew from a boy to a man and got his citizenship at 18. Then Kory decided the Army was a place for him. He was a proud American and he was so proud to fight for his country.

In the middle of June, 2003, I received a frantic call from my mom, Kory had been shipped stateside, he was fighting a very aggressive form of cancer. I flew to Texas the next day to be with him. He lived until August 18, 2003. Every family member made it to the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, to say their goodbyes. Kory died holding our father’s hand.

I had left the hospital one half hour before he passed and arrived one half hour after he passed, getting a phone call from my dad asking me to come back to the hospital. Kory, Army Specialist, left this world knowing he was loved and holding onto his father’s hand.

In memory of Kory Jon Severson

In memory of Kory Jon Severson

We miss him.



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  1. I am so pleased that my brother was recognized here. I had a very delightful dream and we were back in the hospital, he told me many things as he was getting closer to the end. One thing he said to me was that I should write. And I do write now! I blog, published a book, and guest post. This is my first TUS and he would be proud of it, I think. Thanks again to Roy and Dee Kay. Thanks to all who took the time to read about my brother, the soldier! He would smile for you! Kindly, ~Kim

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    • I feel touched and humbled to know that Dee Kay and I got the previlege to honour your brother through our TUS. It is truly said that the people whom we love never leave us…they live always in our hearts…and for you dear Kim, your brother lives in your heart and words…m so glad that u write…it is via the words that we can immortalize our feelings and preserve our emotions… When i read your post for the first time when Dee Kay sent it to me…i infact felt tears brimming my corner of eyes and goosebumps over my skin…and now again I became emotional reading about your dream… It is such a sweet thing that you did what your brother asked of you and u did that so well, a blog and a published book…this is such an awesome return gift.
      We are really fortunate to know such a beautiful soul as you.
      We all including the readers are all honoured to read this TUS.
      Regards and Best wishes
      Keep writing and keep shining
      Sending loads of emotional smiles your way

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