” Move your lazy butt, you stupid fellow. Keep the bags of grain here and leave”,
the guard shouted at a skinny guy who seemed to be lost in his thoughts. He was so much engrossed in himself that he did not notice the guard who was by then yelling at him on the top of his voice. The guy wore a brown tunic which was soiled by his day’s work. The sleeves were torn till the shoulders exposing his scrawny arms. The cloth resembled a rag that seemed to have never been washed and cleaned. The white trousers, which was rolled upwards to his knees, had many blotches of mud and dirt all over itself.

He placed the two heavy sacks of grain that his lord had asked him to deliver at the gates of the castle. Looking at his lanky shape, it seemed quite surprising that the boy was able to carry those heavy bags from the fields to the castle. The bony structure of the boy shouted the destitute life he was living with a meager food to fill his stomach. His hairs fell over his face and ran down covering one of his eyes on the front and lay disheveled over his head, running down the bottom of nape at the back. Even though his miserable state was a proof of his hard and difficult life, still there was an unusual spark in those blue eyes that seemed to be unaffected by his pathetic condition.

“I asked you, BOY, get your ass out of here, or…” The guard moved near him…held him by his right arm and dragged him out of the gates of the castle.

“You scoundrel…Tell me your name”


The boy whispered slowly, turning his back on the guard. He was about to take a step away from those huge metal gates, when all of a sudden he felt a sheer jolt of pain on his back. The whipping noise reverberated in the air as a cane fell all of a sudden over his shoulder.

“Go away you mongrel, or you are going to get another one. And…from next time don’t you dare turn your back when I ask you something”, Raising his whip again, the guard approached the guy.

“Pardon me master…I will be on my way soon…”, young Icas squeaked, flittering away from the castle.

The guy walked listlessly through the streets of kingdom Raesaha, towards his shack where he lived with other workers. He worked on the lands of Lord Virion Kane. All the agricultural lands of the kingdom had been taken away from the farmers and were handed over to Lord Kane after the tragic fall of King of Raesha in the big war of darkness. Lord Kane was the only person whom Prince Abigor trusted the most. With the dark magic power of Abigor and shrewd planning of Virion, the troops of Vrulania Kingdom overthrew King Reginald of Raesha. It was one of the most devastating and dark battle of the history, outlined with countless deaths…sufferings of innocent lives…merciless abuse of women and brutal killings of infants…all for the sake of power and greed…and so the name THE BIG BATTLE OF DARKNESS…

Lord Kane1
Lord Virion Kane

The kingdom Reasha lay in waste and ruins, with its people fallen at the mercy of Lord Virion as he owned all the food that the empire grew. Icas passed by the small dilapidated shops on the streets. Most of the population that had survived were of the old age group.  The other group was of the young boys, like Icas, around the age of early twenties, who toiled hard throughout the day on the fields growing cereals and fruits.

Kingdom Raesha in ruins

While Icas, made the final turn on his way, he went past one of the few doll houses. These were the manors that were built by one of the Lords of Prince Abigor, Lauden Evilian. These mansions were put up just for the sole pleasure for the mercenaries and soldiers of Kingdom Vrulania. The women, who survived the big war, were forcefully imprisoned within those walls of the doll-houses and  were ruthlessly exploited. The coins that Lord Evilian generated out of those doll houses, went into the money bank of Vrulania.

As Icas walked on , he again drifted away into his thoughts, suffocating in agony and pains that were unknown to him. Even though he was poor and lived a difficult life, he did not care about the situation that prevailed in Kingdom Raesha. However, at that moment, he could not save himself from drowning in the uncontrollable empathy for the people of Raesha. He knew that those were not his feelings but still every one of them appeared  so realistic that it appeared to him as if those were his own. This confused state was not what Icas was experiencing for the first time in his life rather he felt it everyday. The days of the fullmoon nights were the worst. During such days, the surge of emotions in him were so intense that it rendered him helpless to his black outs…and that evening was about to welcome a  fullmoon night.

Though he knew that the emotions, which flowed in his heart, were of some girl, he had never been able to find her. Passing by the doll house, he thought, as usual, to enter inside the mansion and search for the girl there. He had numerous times assured himself that she was indeed there amidst the torments and so only by confronting her, he could pacify the agitation in him. However, he knew that he was just fooling himself…he knew deep down inside that the girl could never be one of those dolls…her pain was lot more than those experienced by the women and girls in that doll-house. So he just kept walking…unable to soothe his aching heart…powerless to help her…incapacitated to stop their anguish…

Who was she? Where was She? Why did he feel her? Why did he empathized with the people of Raesha? 
and many such question banged his mind as he kept moving on the muddy patch towards the shack. He could feel every shade of emotions SHE felt…could feel HER heart wrenched out of HER chest and then pierced in  umpteen ways…could feel the coldness in HER tears. He was completely perplexed by the sheer connection that he felt with that girl.

Unable to contain the waves of sentiments within himself, Icas stopped in the middle of the road. He had to somehow clear his head before he could get back into the hell of his reality. So, he closed his eyes and tried hard to comprehend the face of the girl…to see whether whatever he was experiencing waere not just his hallucinations…to decipher what was the connection he had with her…

He felt the calmness in the rays of twilight and warmth in the cold piercing gusts that hit his face. He stood there for a while, trying to soothe his mind and to attenuate the amplified cries of her misery in his heart.

As his eyes opened, the full moon radiated, blinding the empty road in its whitish rays… suddenly a swift gush of wind blew towards Icas, swirling around him like a tornado and then after a while everything went silent and dark with a pop…
Everything remained in its place as it was but for Icas..
he was nowhere to be found…

Castle of Kingdom Raesha post the great war

Where did Icas disappear ? Will the people of Kingdom Raesha live normal life again? What happened in the big battle of darkness?
Find out it in Episode #4 of a brand-new collaborative fairy tale series, THE CURSED DIARY of PRINCESS, only on THE FLOATING THOUGHTS by ROY and THE EXILIR of WORDS.

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