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Compiled by : Sameera Mansuri & Shoumodip Roy

Title : a taste of Indian Street Foods!!!


“Food is what unites us all. Food is what brings people from different cultures together at a table and make them forget their differences and relish a dish as gourmet which might be staple for another. I am one such admirer who wants to understand cultures through their cuisine.”
– Sudisha

An imaginative photographer, a proficient cook, a voracious reader, Sudisha Kar keeps on searching for new passion and excelling in each of them.

Being a foodie, she respects the effort that one puts in to prepare any dish and loves the different flavors and taste that the dish encompasses. She converges her photographic skills into her connoisseur self to capture perfectly the different tinges and hues of feasts in her camera.

In this post Sudisha roams around the street of Jamshedpur (in Jharkhand) in search of various tasty and mouth-watering dishes…
So dear readers, walk with Sudisha to discover a whole new world of Indian Street delicacies and feel the cravings of to have a bite of them…

The delicious food lines the street
My hungry heart skips a delicate beat
Some are sour, some are sweet
Watching them is a beautiful treat.   
so dear Readers, Bon Appetite !!!
Sugarcane Mint Juice

Clink of glasses…Sounds of cheers…
Transforming small special moments into special with our dears…

Sugarcane Juice preparation set up

Squeezing of sugarcanes , Rumbling of tools…I wait every summer for you…

Litti on the Grill

I stand in queue waiting to savor… the tempting heat and taste fills me with a new fervor

Filter Coffee

A taste of rejuvenating beginnings
for all my mornings…  

Pizza Party

Delicious Mosaic of bread and Cheese,
makes me shout, ” I want another slice, Please !!! “

Pav Bhaji Corner

Waiting for you my hearts goes all blur
In awe to taste the enticing Appetizer

Pav Bhaji


Golgappa/ Phucka/ Pani-Puri

Shots of Tangy and spicy , Draws me towards the delicacy


Wrapped up inside is the exquisite punch of  veggies…


Tangles and Circles of you lie on a plate,
The sweetness overloaded is difficult to abate…

Just before we is a small treat…for you


“There is no love more sincere than the love of food.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman


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