the dauntless sons…

Dedicated on this republic day to all the freedom fighters, all the brave soldiers and every person who loves his/her motherland
Dee Kay , this post is to salute your love for the army and to thank you for spreading that love among us…

The charpai creaked when the young man shifted his posture to get a better grip of the novel while he turned his glance on the next page. The wind blew softly, brushing slowly through his skin. The beautiful twilight stretched across the sky, shedding sufficient light for the man to continue the journey, in his dreamy fictional realm. The small space was squeezed by the three walls and a gate, where in the guy lay peacefully buried in his book. Though it depicted the harsh picture of a confinement cell, in fact was devoid of restrains that could have restricted his mind or heart. His eyes had an inexplicable sense of freedom…his smile bore a remarkable poise…his face posited an incomprehensible satisfaction. A soul that truly was in all respect freewheeling in his own world despite the chains and shackles, which ornamented his wrists and ankles.


He had made peace with his life and had willingly accepted the future that lay ahead of him. Within few hours, his life would find the long-sought salvation. The approaching minutes would embark him upon a journey that would leave eternal footprints on the pages of history. The young man knew that he had only few countable moments left with him and so he wished to make proper use of those.  The white shirt hung loosely on his skinny figure – the signs of his defiance and prolonged hunger strikes were clearly visible through his lanky shape. The tuft stood elegantly with the rest of tousled hairs that ran down his neck and joined his stubble, revealing the piety and moral values of a Sikh. He stood up from the charpai and paced up and down his cell, pursing his lips as if to capture each word of the book. His incessant gaze was disrupted when a silhouette of the jailor appeared at his gate.


“Paji…It is time…”, the jailor gently put forth each word. The reluctance and sadness in his voice was apparent but there was little that the jailor could have done.

The young man veered his vision from the book to the face of jailor, whose eyes at the corners were brimming with tears

“Wait for some time jailor sahib…A revolutionary is speaking with another revolutionary“, the man smiled and calmly acknowledged the jailor, lifting the book for him to see.

The bars of the cell suddenly felt warm instead of icy cold, to the jailor. It was perhaps the aura of the man who had lived in the cell for the last two years…the persona that exhibited the arduous determination…the ambience that was deluged with his dauntless willpower…

The young man knew that the schedule as per the official record was for the next morning. However, the recent shift in the agenda had stripped away the extra trifling moments forever from him. This would have resulted in protest and panic from any ordinary person but the jailor knew the man was contrary to the lot, like an unshakable wall that could face any unruly waves.

The moon made supple maneuvers and evolved through the dusk, exuding the silky glow and illuminating the path as the young man walked beside the jailor in handcuffs and chains.  As they moved on the walkway, he heard a sound…


an instant smile ran across the young man’s face when the two figures approached him shouting and cheering.

They were all in shackles similar to that of the young man and were accompanied by the prison guards. They threw themselves in one another’s arms, hugging and embracing like long-lost brothers…they indeed were brothers born from the womb of Bharat Mata…The whole courtyard of Lahore central jail reverberated with the roars of freedom and cries of vande mataram…The handcuffs and chains became just an ornament that had failed to enslave their soul and had lost before their love for motherland…They sang and danced; cradled and cuddled; laughed and cried…it was not sorrow or fear rather happiness and fulfillment…

They merrily walked, holding one another, towards the scaffolding that was constructed for the hanging site. They refused to wear masks over their necks and hugged each other for the last time. The nooses were tightened and as the lever was pulled, Indian history for the first time saw how the three young freedom fighters bravely kissed their death for the sake of their mother – a fearless sacrifice to see their motherland free…a benevolent act to provide a future for their brothers and sisters…a noble deed to remind people, that it was just the beginning…

These sacrifices united people and made them realize the real reason for independence. Somewhere away from the walls of prison another Bhagat Singh, Rajguru or Sukhdev was being given birth…somewhere the long-lost beacon of hope was being lit…somewhere a dream of free India was being envisioned…

As said by Sahid Bhagat Singh,

“I emphasis that I am full of ambition and hope and full of charm of life. But I can renounce all at the time of need and that is the real sacrifice”


the story ended with tears that trickled down the grandma’s placid face and fell upon my soft little hands. I could clearly remember all the bed time anecdotes that she had narrated to me. Each one of those taught me an important lesson of life…a life that is not only ours to live but also equally obligated towards the humanity…

Today, at the age of twenty-three, when I lay across my bed, with no more Grandma and her bed time stories, I recall how far we have travelled from the sacrifices of the dauntless sons of India. Bhagat Singh at the same age had fearlessly bestowed his life to the Indian Struggle. 

and this leaves me with a sea of questions…with only one answer…

Have we sacrificed enough?

Have we remembered enough?

Have we loved our nation enough?

Don’t Ask; Just Introspect…

Image Courtesy : Google Images


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  1. “Lovers, Lunatics and poets are made of same stuff.”
    By Shaeed-e-hind Bhagat Singh

    It was really a great account of the Indian history and thank you so much for dedicating it to me, I feel humle and honoured. Thank you brother.
    Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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  2. We haven’t sacrificed a bit for our country and that is true 🙂 This touched my heart. 🙂
    Salute to everyone who contributes his or her part in well being of our country ❤
    And yes Happy Republic Day :0

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