Dear Diary,

Sorry for the delay love…Waiting for the sun to sleep, I lost track of time as the myriad of thoughts flooded my mind…

Also, the sun wasn’t sleeping early today   😦 . But finally it left and the moon is here 🙂  The canvas of stars made me realize  that I can finally have few moments away from the curse of the daylight. I missed you so much the whole day. You are always on my mind running towards my heart until I finally place you on paper. You speak through my voice and you peep through my eyes. You see the world with me while I see my world in you. We were destined to meet , under the indigo sky where stars sparkle and moon hovers graciously. Your love flows in the breeze while mine freezes on your soft papers.

High Tower Chamber of Princess Vishi in Kingdom Vrulania

This is one of those days when my thoughts try to suffocate me and when the fear of giving up grips me. But dear diary, you are always here to save me. I feel helpless at times because there’s no one to listen to my voice and help me understand what is going in my heart. I don’t wish to be sad because I am still young. But tell me how can I not feel heartbroken when a piece of my heart has disappeared with Ziv. I could understand the pain of my people better now because I am able to empathize with them. I know how it feels to lose someone you love and I know my people have lost many of their loved ones in the big battle of darkness.

Was I the reason for so much depressions and miseries? Did I always think about my happiness? Will I ever find a way to calm this agitated heart of mine? But you , my love , you always help unlike others who always leave me. You know I miss him so much…I wish Ziv were here with me holding me in his arms consoling me.

Look, the moon is fading behind these dark clouds. May be it will rain at midnight.
Seems the sky also wants to shed some tears with me. The pole star my solitary companion is still shining there. Why do I keep writing to you my love. Even though you are still a mystery to me , why does it feel so easy to talk to you…to pour out my heart to you…

The Diary

Even though it is so foolish of me to think such, still I hope that one day you would write your verses back to me or paint me like Ziv used to, for the whole world to see. You have been listening to my rantings from a long time. My words lie lifeless on you struggling to survive. One day I hope I will breathe with your breeze. With you by my side, I believe things will work out. With your help I wish I can radiated my words towards Ziv so that we can find him. You do make me smile dear diary…look my smile is now reflecting on the moon and it sizzles with brightness of your love..of our secret conversation…of our hidden tryst…

I can finally breathe as if your fresh breeze just stroked my cheeks and said,
‘ I am here for you. I am waiting for you. Live your life before falling into my arms. Then we will live our lives.’
Can you see me blushing? My cheeks are all red like this morning sky. I so wish you were here to see me all painted in your thoughts. I miss you throughout the day. Do you miss me back?

The sky is red tinted with some pink blossoms from your land. The sun is yet to arrive but it’s time to bid you goodbye for today. We have less time and before the sun arrives I need to hide you under the darkness. The light may kill you for the curse that made you go is still dwelling here.
Goodbye Love. ❤ See you soon.
Till then miss me back…
feel my love in every cold breeze that caresses your skin…
keep the memories of Ziv safe on your pages…
protect the hope of his arrival in you…
secure the remaining piece of my heart with you

With Love


(The sun rose as always. Vishi was lying on her bed, enveloped in cherry quilt. Finally she was able to sleep after unburdening her emotions. A monster clock stands at a corner of her chamber, that would soon awaken her with the striking first ray of dawn in the castle. There is no sign of her quill and her diary. She did securely placed it under her pillow before she fell into the slumber. An ambience of disquiet hovers in her chamber. The edges of the black cover of the diary that peeked out few hours before, from below the pillow is nowhere to be seen now. Perhaps the diary was destroyed or maybe it’s still hidden…
Did some mystery occur or Is the curse back ?)

Why does Vishi fears the Sun ? What happened to her people ? Where was Ziv ?
Find out it in Episode #3 of a brand-new collaborative fairy tale series, THE CURSED DIARY of PRINCESS, only on THE FLOATING THOUGHTS by ROY and THE EXILIR of WORDS.


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