The last rays of the sun started to recede behind the lofty mountains as the dusk enveloped the kingdom. Vishi watched patiently the final gleam from her chambers in the highest tower of the castle.She sat by the side of the huge windows, feeling the cool evening wind on her soft skin. Closing her eyes she imagined how the breeze used to bring his fragrance to her, reminding her that she was longed and loved many miles away in the kingdom of Vrulania. A smirk appeared on her face as she opened her eyes realizing the irony she was now living. Now, being the Princess of Vrulania and living in a castle where he once lived, Vishi was heartbroken to find that his fragrance was long gone. The breeze carried no more the warmth of his presence but only the coldness of betrayal. Even though she became Queen of the whole empire, she lost herself as a slave to her fate.

Kingdom Vrulania

 The bluish white robe swirled around her feet, as she got up and moved towards her bed. The gown held her waist in all the proper angles and ran in form of plates below waistline, ending at the feet. The straps of the dress hung loosely over her shoulders, exposing her fair and spotless skin. She wore a tiara over her tousled long burgundy hairs. Even though Vishi did not care anymore to prettify herself with all those innumerable expensive jewels and ornaments, she still manifested as the epitome of elegant looks.  Her green eyes glistened in the darkness as she awaited the glimpse of moon, as usual, sitting on her bed and looking through those gigantic windows towards the starry sky.

Princess Vishi

It had been five complete years since Ziv disappeared leaving her and the people of their kingdoms to submit to the rule of Prince Abigor. The day Abigor took the reins of Vrulania, darkness befell all around the planet. Basking in the pain of the dwellers,  Abigor became more powerful with each passing day. The land lost its greenery…the waters lost its transparency…the mountains lost its magnanimity…the birds stopped singing…the animals ran into the deep woods never to return…the sun’s warmth was replaced by the scorching heat of hell. It was only the moon that did not lose its brightness. The soothing moonlight was a trickle of water drop that quenched the daylong thirst of the helpless people. However it was for the Princess Vishi that the moon never forgot to shine the brightest. It empathized with her sufferings and honored the magnanimous sacrifice she made for her kingdom Reasha.

Lost in the radiance of the moon and her thoughts of Ziv, Vishi forgot that her quill was lying next to her bed on the and the blue brooch  of the black-cover diary was shimmering in the incandescence of the crescent. Those few fleeting hours under the moonlight when she inked the diary with her words, helped her to relive the freedom she once had.

Yet, now she remained unaware to the fact that those few moments were drifting away from her grip. Soon both the diary and the quill would be snatched away by the rays of dawn and Vishi would be left all alone again imprisoned in her melancholy within those four walls of the chamber, as usual.

Will Vishi come out of her thoughts only to realize that she lost her night or Will she find solace in her diary and live to fight another day? 

Cach out in episode #2 of a brand-new collaborative fairy tale series, THE CURSED DIARY of PRINCESS, only on THE FLOATING THOUGHTS by ROY and THE EXILIR of WORDS.

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