We were destined to meet, under the indigo sky where stars sparkle and moon hovers graciously. You speak through my voice and you peep through my eyes. You see the world with me while I see my world in you. Your love flows in the breeze while mine freezes on your soft papers.

Princess Vishi wept her tears through her ink over those old pages, hoping to find a respite from her sadness-laden heart. The night brought comfort to her pains and the radiance of the moon came as a soothing balm to her wounds. The Kingdom of Vrulania and Raesha saw one last hope in the compassionate heart of Vishi.

Witness a tale that is filled with magic and curse…enchanted with love and betrayal…interlaced with desires and sacrifices.

A tale of an uncommon love in a land that remains shackled in the darkness. A story of a princess whose life finds meaning only on the pages of a cursed diary. A relentless quest of two kingdoms for the light, amidst the gloominess and sufferings.

Cinderella founded her Prince…Snow White too was kissed… Rapunzel lost her hairs to meet her love…Ariel lost her real identity. Will Vishi have to lose herself too or will she find her one true love and break the chains of misery of her people? Will the kingdoms survive the evil forces of the ruler? Will the love conquer all boundaries and space or will it fall as a warrior?

Read the brand-new collaborative fairy tale series of THE CURSED DIARY of PRINCESS, only on THE FLOATING THOUGHTS by ROY and THE EXILIR of WORDS.

The episodes will be published every Tuesday on both the blogs. The first two episodes will be out on coming Tuesday…

So Stay Tuned and Happy reading…