Blogger Appreciation Award

To my WordPress Family , Dear Readers and Most welcomed Guests…

Each nomination for the awards makes me realize how supportive and humble the whole WordPress writers are out there. Not only you inspire with your beautiful articles but also you help the novices like me to keep improving…


I would like to thank Madekesiworld for finding me deserving enough for the nomination. Please visit his blog. Surely you will be mesmerized by his eclectic articles.

2. Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself:

I always seek to find the goodness in everyone around me. I know we are not perfect. We can’t ever be. What we can do is to realize that how we can make use of the goodness that we are bestowed with. If we can touch at least one person’s life…if we can at least motivate one person by our acts…we would have done something substantial

Spreading love and affection in today’s world is something a rare commodity…So let’s not let it go extinct. Search in oneself to begin the journey in others is what I believe in…

3.Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish:

I nominate everyone who is reading this…for their awesome articles and their consistent affection

Happy Blogging !!!


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