To Nandita …whose poems deluge me with emotions…sending loads of smiles to u…


Wandering in the woods I met a broken heart

I asked it ” why have u fallen apart?”

She cried at me with her tears

“let me be still For I now fear…

Fear to be around anyone so near”


Drifting around I saw her snuggling her torment

I asked it “Why do u give up on your fate”

She looked at me with her longing

“let me be still for it’s hard forgetting…

Forgetting the memories so unforgiving”


Wrenching out I pulled my tattered soul to her

I asked it ” What of this you infer ? “

She approached to it contemplating

“let me be still for it’s so fragile to touch

Touch only for it may not survive my clutch”


Smiling , I pushed my shredded soul forward

Unsteadily the fragments of which swayed clung to one another

She asked with surprise “you are so damaged inward “

I stood silent waiting for the pieces to answer

Inundating her with its wounded memories

My soul walked back into me…


She stood silent in awe

Light in every broken portion was what she saw

Filled with hopefulness , life breathes into that damaged core 

For the broken does not stay broken long

Failures and Mistakes were what makes it strong

Only if it was to move on…and on


The-Perfect-I stood now naked with imperfections

Beside stood my tattered soul beholding affections

Wiping tears, the-broken-heart rose up

Realized that she was no more broken

Beaming with tenacity, she moved

Like a fallen warrior she roared

“It was only she who defined her”

Never to fall back…Never to stumble again

She rode far far away, then…!!!


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