the 100 followers !!! THANK YOU

Dear Reader,

I feel sentimental (huhh when I don’t 😛 ) . Seriously, I am overwhelmed by the love and appreciation you have shown towards me. FIRST of all A BIG THANK YOU to all of you…

The start of year marked the milestone of 100 FOLLOWERS to the journey of my blogging. I know it is a baby step and baby achievement but it indeed bolster the fact that you all have accepted me as a part of your world…your family. This is what makes my heart reach out to you.

I started this blog in Nov’16, out of sheer depression and frustrations, by the continuous failures in my life. Initially I did try to calm myself by assuring that the dark clouds will fade away some day. However, I will be very honest, it did not and the streak of failures just went on…marked by utter disappointment, loss of self-confidence and disappearance of any tinge of motivation. Moreover, the walk through these dark valleys becomes difficult when you are being judged by your peers on every step you take. Funny thing is they come to you with advice just to show you that the path you are moving on is not your cup of tea… I smile now writing this though I did cry in my solitary moments (YES!!! Guys DO cry).

I must say , I have very few friends in my life along with my family, who have always been in the hindsight waiting to support me when I fall and showing that there is always a little bit of goodness in even the worst days… It was then when I started writing…I found my words… I found my weapon… I found the light to illuminate the roads…
Though I didn’t know still which road to walk on, BUT I don’t care until I feel content with me…I feel happiness within me…

Well, that’s too much of my sad little story….No No Pls don’t feel sympathetic now for me. I am like you…Like the others who all have their own dark valleys to pass through…own dark clouds to come out from… If you do feel empathetic or sympathetic…help people who are still lost and wants a hand to hold on to…

Back to 100 followers !!! I kept on writing to vent out my emotional surges since last 2 years, but never did enter the actual world of blogging. My blog lay in some corner of WordPress with mere 7 followers and few likes from the people I knew personally. (They have been my sincere Readers). But during the last week of December I found my post being liked by someone I did not know. I went to his blog and was mesmerized by the posts and the community he was a part of.

Dee Kay !!! Thanks a lot brother…This guy is one gem of a person. He can motivate you and help you selflessly. He guides you and stands beside you in your every step. He introduced me to the actual world of blogging…helped me to understand this world which was filled with humility and courteousness, unlike the real world. I thank him from the core of my heart. Do visit his blog…HE will definitely inspire you….

This post is getting long but please bear if you are still reading.

It has been ony 10 ten days that I met the blogging community and my followers increased from 7 to 100.

100 hearts touched mine…100 families accepted me…100 lovely souls believed in me…I feel humble by the warmth of your love…

I thank every one of those who have visited my blog…liked or commented my posts….liked or commented on my comments…

A writer is nothing without the readers and so YOU are the one who DEFINES me…THANK you so much…

I wish only the best and happiness to you…Sending loads of love and smiles towards you !!!


PS : Cannot end this post without a big shout out to my motivators and consistent mentors and honest readers…since the beginning… I know you are reading this post and so please accept this as my token of gratitude
To my Parents, Minal, Tishu, Neerja Ma’am, Amrita, Tahira, Kirti, Ganesh…


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  1. Congratulationssss!!…Your post is sheer motivation for all the souls who are lost in the hustle of life…I feel rejuvinated.

    Keep writing…keep motivating…keep rising. Best wishes with you.

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  2. Congratulations bro.. As I told you before THIS IS ALL YOU. All I did was shared with you my tricks and it worked. 😊
    On a very serious note, I am touched by the way you expressed yourself not just to me but to everyone I know how it feels when there is a writer in you but no audience to showcase the work. I am just glad that in this whole wide world we had a chance to meet and develop a friendship to brotherhood.
    You have no idea how proud I am of your achievements. It feels as if I just crossed the 100 mark. I knew you are a sincere person who is destined to achieve the goals that one sets for you. I won’t be surprised if you cross my numbers soon and trust me I would be more than happy in that day (maybe a bit jealous but then it’s all in good sense) 😊
    Stay Blessed brother..
    Keep up the great work..
    Much love 💞

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  3. This is exciting news – well done you!!!
    I follow Dee Kay too and also enjoy his posts, but as for you. Look how far you have come!
    I know the papers and the ‘people who say’ (who are they anyway???) we shouldn’t spend so much time with phones in our hands, but I tell you this little secret (lean in closer and I will whisper) … I’ve been happier since I started blogging than in many many many years before!
    THERE! I said it (looks behind for someone who will judge me) …
    we are talking and walking and writing together. And it’s f*****g wonderful x

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  4. Congratulations

    This sentiment you have written talks about belonging, thank you for penning your thoughts “100 hearts touched mine…100 families accepted me…100 lovely souls believed in me…I feel humble by the warmth of your love…”

    Would like to read more of your work…

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  5. U r a great writer…hope you will give us much more exciting and adventurous piece of work this year… wish you have a golden path ahead…

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