This post is dedicated to all the awesome people out there who feel caged in their past and cannot take the forward step…who are shackled to their sadness and lost in the emotional dungeons…who are filled with light within but have closed their eyes to it…

DEPRESSION has always been the dark clouds waiting in the corners to engulf our soul. Many of us, including me have been the victim of it at least once in our life. Some have been very brave to walk through the dark valleys and emerge into the brightest light but some are still lost in finding their own way.

Today, my dear Reader, this posts goes out as a torch-bearer to them…and if you are one of them, then don’t you worry now…be strong…we all are there standing beside you to light the path for you…

The words below, I wrote for a very new dear friend of mine…I wont disclose her name…It is the feeling that is more important than the names…the assurance of togetherness more important than just a face…

So, my dear Reader, reach out to your loved ones on this NEW YEAR, peek into their infinte souls, soothe their flustered hearts and calm their confused minds…with the warmth of your company…

This post is an effort from my side to those whom my touch can’t reach but my words can…SHARE THIS POST or MAKE YOUR OWN POST…LET THIS NEW YEAR BE FILLED WITH SO MUCH BRIGHTNESS THAT DARKNESS CAN HAVE NO OPTION other THAN TO RECEDE BACK INTO THE ABYSS….

SHARE LOVE AROUND !!! WE ARE JUST A TRAVELER…Let the journey be filled with new friends and families….

To my dear friend…

I hope the following lines could send some hope and warmth ….towards u

Don’t you now give up on your fight
my scribble sails towards you as your knight…!!!

Don’t you now close your eyes upon darkness…
my Archangels are rushing towards your heart’s fortress…!!!

I know blackness drifts towards you in slow maneuvers
with Claws and chains intending to pull u in the dimly corners…!!!

Yet Like a beacon, my words stand at the end of those dark tunnels
….Rushing towards you to fight your battles !!!
….Illuminating for you the path towards the light !!!
…Sheathing you in the blanket of hopes, love and life…!!!


PS : Dear Reader, send the light forward as far as you can 🙂

Thanks for Reading !!!

(Title and Image Courtsey : The Dark Knight Rises )