Slide1Photographer : Ajinkya Meshram  

Compiled by : Shoumodip Roy

Title : a Ride into the Clouds !!!


Ajinkya is a passionate photographer and a fitness icon.

This posts portrays the beauty of Meghalaya that has been captured through the filters of his zeal and lenses of his emotions.

Every picture…

breathes a freshness he experienced throughout his journey…

illustrates a beauty that deluged his heart…

delineates the questions to which roads has the answers…

So lets begin !!!


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” When you can’t ride away without pausing to the majestic mountains…Truly all the problems in life seems so small if you memorize the formidable awesomeness of it…”


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” let the clouds engulf me into its whiteness…it’s so soft and peaceful there with only silence”


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” Sometime we just want a bend in the Road…to come and surprise us with its wondrous revelations…coz all we need sometimes is a small CHANGE !!! “



” Endless Valleys…Incessant Steps … calls out to me… JUST DON’T STOP …!!! “


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” Rays of Hope shine on me…

Reflections of my life stand before me…

Let me embrace them…
Let me acknowledge them…

just before I let them go..

just before I moved onto another Road !!! “







(Featured Image Courtesy – Google Images)


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