Dear Reader,

Glad to have you in my world of THE FLOATING THOUGHTS !!!

Sometimes we express with words…sometimes with snapshots and clicks…

This post is designed to call out all the budding talented photographers, who capture the world around them in their cameras…embeds their emotions in those snaphots…but shelf them away in one corner of their cellphone…

I invite you to share your beautiful photographs with me on this blog, under your banner.

Therefore, I have created this page…SNAPSHOTS of FLOATING THOUGHTS

THE FIRST POST WILL BE UP TOMORROW ( 30-12-2017) by a very talented upcoming photographer and a very dear friend of mine…MAKE SURE U VISIT HIS WORLD…I will be glad to have u aboard !!!

flare ur photographic flair…
        …my blog is urs to share !!! welcome … 🙂


If you wish to be a part of this segment of the blog then feel free to get in touch either through the comments or inbox at

(Disclaimer : The photographs must be original works of yours)



Disclaimer : The copyright of the photographs will be reserved by the author. The SNAPSHOTS of FLOATING THOUGHTS is a part of a new segment of the blog so all rights are reserved by the blog and the rightful writers.


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