Guest Post : The Fall of Innocent Mine By Avinash

The Fall of Innocent Mine…

By Avinash Kumar


Once used to stand tall the innocent mine

Being able to distinguish what was right and what as crime…

So engrossed in doing what he believed

Did never foresee his life coming to a halt…

He did not know what went wrong, but situations changed

Untruth and injustice prevailed…

The innocent mine was humiliated, ridiculed, insulted out in the open

Things did not seem to be happening any more

His faith was questioned…

Out of frustration, he walked the path he never thought of travelling

Quite often he did; not out of temptation but as a revolt to the divine…

Deceived and cheated he felt and also moron

As if taken away what was once his own…

Often he tried to stand once and for all

But always crumbled back to fall…

But the innocent mine did not fall on his own

He was destined to fall…

And then the innocent mine read the book of secrets

Sooner he got what he had always wanted…

He realized had he not fallen, he would never know the secrets

And the fall helped him stand even taller…

By Avinash Kumar


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