Blood, donate to save!!!

Tahira Bano

“Dad, go slow.” The eight year old suffering from blood cancer, stiffened her knees to keep her balance.

Rahul, his father looked at her pallid but beautiful face and smiled compassionately. He caressed her porcupine head, devoid of hair. While his heart flooded with solicitude he forgot that on road his brains should be more active. Suddenly the car screeched to a halt when he realised that a man has been ran down by his car.

Frightened but fraught with anger he rushed out of the car, not to condole but to ignite a fight. The injured young man smiled in servility while blood oozed from his forehead, nose and elbow. He said gently, ” Sir tell me should I have my dinner with today’s earning or should I buy bandages with it.”

Rahul thought for a while then took out a 100 rupee from his stuffed purse and vouchsafed it to him as an atonement. The young man refused.

The little girl witnessing all the commotion intervened and said, ” Dad, he is injured, give him some more money. I heard the doctors told mom yesterday that “blood is costly”. Before Rahul could give a thought about it. The young man recognised the girl and shouted in raptures. ” Shreya!!”

“Manish uncle” the little girl ran to him and he enveloped her in his arms. Rahul was stupefyed to see his daughter embrace an impoverished stranger. He went to snatch away his daughter from him.

“Dad, wait. he is manish uncle, my regular donor. You should give him even more money.”

Rahul stood motionless. His lips quivered and his shame was apparent in his brimming eyes. His trembling hands could no longer hold the trifle amount. He walked upto him as if under a spree and said, “she is my daughter but your blood makes her live everyday. Tell me how should I thank you!”

The young man collected the money scattered near his feet and arranged it carefully. Returning it to Rahul he said, “Donate blood.”

Gift of blood is a gift of life. Every year our nation requires approximately 4 crores unit of blood, out on which only 4 lack is available while our total population is approx 1 million 30 crores. Can you imagine the disparity. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. Since it cannot be manufactured nor it has got any substitute. It can only come from generous donors. That is “me” and “you”. Do you think you are doing favour to the nation by donating blood once in a year. Time to revise your values. Blood donation should be a regular activity. I repeat “REGULAR”

 If you began donating blood at the legal age of 18 and donated every three months untill you reach sixty, you would have donated 30 gallons of blood potentially helping to save more than 500 lives. Isn’t that amazing!! Superman, Batman and even Hanuman will give a standing ovation for your generosity.

This is the only effort where you don’t have to give your 100 percent. Only one unit out of ten in your body is extracted that is meagre 10% percent. And If you are afraid, let me clear it out that blood donation is an easy and simple procedure and it will hardly take 1-1 and half hours.

Donating blood not only gives joy it also improves heart health, enhances production of new blood cells, reduces cancer risk and even burn calories. All the aspiring shakiras you have and golden opportunity.

You must be wondering why I am so enthusiastically advocating for blood donation. Well, Few months back a puny, insignificant mosquito had the capability to destroy almost 70 percent of platelets in my blood. My family was sent on a night errand to arrange for 5 units of platelets instantly. Within a short duration of 3 days I consumed 12 units of platelets. Just imagine if that would,nt be available, I would have died. I don’t know the donor, nor his state, caste, region or anything but because of that anonymous person I am here writing to you.

As John Bunyan said. ” you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” Dear friends It is not the big sacrifices that sum up our life but its the little one that surround us everyday.

Most of the people when asked why they don’t donate blood, they say ” never thought about it,” or ” i am afraid of needles”.  Its time to act not to think. And those suffering from needleophobia please think of the beautiful smile of your dear ones and give it a thought of loosing them.

In world where people are becoming Blood donor on Face book rather in blood bank, be an exception like Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar who was compelled to retire from donating blood at the age of 65.

I am not asking you to part away with one of your vital organs, kidney, eyes, liver or lungs. Do what you can. Let your adrenaline flow in someone else’s a donor, a blood donor and that’s enough a reason to make someone smile…


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