the ink !!! – Part 2 : the reply

From the Broken Fountain Pen… 
                        to the Crumpled Page…


Unmoved were you when my form failed

                        Unaware were you when my ink wailed…


Quietly I scribbled for you whilst my words deceived

                         Silently I inked for you when my thoughts misled…


Neither did my bleeding ink reveal the pain

                          Nor did you feel the approaching end…


Crumpled now you encapsulate me fearing of my elusion

                         Broken I am for you is just your illusion…


For as my fading shape on thou remain…

                       My ink will be nothing more for you than just a stain….!!!



PS: Thanks Priyanka for the Dimension and yeah the words… 🙂


Categories: Blog, Poems

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