The laptop jingled with my favourite Christmas tune and a chat-box popped up on the screen. I was almost asleep on the couch with files strewn all around me and laptop placed on my lap. No wonder with those morning headaches. Forcing the sleep-laden eyelids to open, I saw messages pouring in the chat-box one after the other.

The last line in the chat box caught my attention bringing me to my senses in an instant. I immediately jumped from the couch knocking the beer pints that lay on the floor. Crap. I had gulped down dozen of those. Never realised I would be so drunken nowadays. Cursing myself, I picked up the cellphone and dialled 911. I was struck with panic, realising that I knew nothing to report to other than the few messages in the goddamn chat-box, in the first place. I could only think of one person who might make out something of those messages and so I hung up and dialled HER number.

Pick Up. Pick up. Pick Up.

I was losing my sanity as the rings continued on the other side. Was I too late to see the message?. A sea of worries started to hit each and every part of my body. Although it was awkward to call her after so many years, at three in the morning, given the past record we had, still I desperately longed her to receive the call.

As the rings continued, I looked again at the chat-box. He was finally back after so many years, only to disappear again and I would be still as helpless as I was at that time.

Even I was only a year older, he was still my little brother. I have waited for him to call me. I have yearned to apologize every single day. Only a chance to see and embrace him would mean the world to me and I am ready to die a million deaths for it. Seems after all these years, fate hasn’t spared me…came back to haunt me again…etching my old scars with more painful ones…

Tears rolled down my face, as I kept rereading each and every word of his…

Hey Skye,

Have u ever felt a jolt of lightning through your senses?

Has anything or anyone made u freeze in an instant?

In that moment did you feel the words entrapped in your vocal chords?

I know, these are well very cliché statements. You might be cursing me to have drawn your attention towards yet another old stupid love story.

But what if, I tell you that at this very moment my whole body is being soaked in gasoline and a matchbox is lying next to my laptop and in the next sixty minutes, there will be nothing left but the ash. However, in this moment, I am not feeling scared for my life rather all I can think of is SHE.

Wait. Are you still reading? Seems you love me after all…huh

Okay then.

So at this fag end of my few moments of my life, let me tell you a story. A story of a RED DRESS. A story of HER. A story that has everything in it but LOVE.


PS: Skye I forgive you…


to be continued