me without u…part 1

-Part 1-


I walked past the cafeteria, my heart thumping so loud as if it was the only audible thing that could ping my senses. My eyes scrupulously searched every possible nooks and corners of the café. The entrance was definitely a couple of steps away, but my strides made it look as a difficult task to accomplish. The streams of thoughts and waves of apprehensions continuously banged my grey matter, blurring the logical ability to reason with myself. Even though the intentions were not to slip back to the agitating reminisces, but I felt helpless to pacify those. In all possible ways I wanted to evade that moment, but I knew I could not afford to dither indefinitely. It was a duel between my callow conscious and inexorable sub-conscious mind, in which the threshold of sanity just lied at the interface.  I realized it was a herculean task to adhere to my rationale. Eventually I had to yield to the onerous thoughts that pondered my mind and made my way towards the entrance of the desolate café…

He stood as always near the door, right on time, and was way out of my league; an impeccable punctuality is what I envied the most. However, his adorable greetings piqued the sensation of me being a fairy of his dream, a princess of his world, and a cute baby of his life. Indeed, his usual dramatic anger of my being late had to be dealt with a flurry of kisses, one of the other shades of his, which I loved the most. He seemed intensely lovable with his indignant mood under a veil of affection and that left me with no other option than to pull his soft cheeks.

“Ma’am, you are late again as usual, I have been waiting since last couple of hours. I guess you have started to like me as your concierge. Isn’t it?”
The response was natural as expected but I was prepared already with mine.  I held him tightly and slowly whispered,” Happy Anniversary my attendant.”

“I love you too my baby…but still you lost it…” what did I lose…I wished him first…even after five years of our relationship he couldn’t remember…yet he dares to lure me into his mischievous articulations… These series of thoughts filled my head and left me confused of his subtle statement. Before I could have even decrypted his last few words, my senses gave an electrifying shot inside my stomach.

He was there, kneeling in front of me with a bouquet of red roses in one of his hand and a resplendent diamond ring on the other. The sensations inside me pulsated once again and the heavy heart beats were no longer inaudible. I jumped with excitement into his arms and before he could have even made a proposal, shouts of my acceptance filled the whole cafeteria.
“I would love to have you as my prince…my love…now and forever”, finally I replied…

I searched for him, as I came near to the threshold of the café, being fully aware of my foolishness. I just was not strong enough and prepared wholly to face what lay ahead in that small coffee shop and that too after all those happy memories it held within it. Tears rolled down, wetting my face as I entered…

to be continued…


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